You will be served by reading about the battle zero philosophy and the four different zeroing techniques here in the spoiler section, decide on which zeroing technique will best serve your needs, and then skip down to that technique’s detailed description. So there you have it, all the information you need to master your iron sight zero. That makes it easy to work your sight adjustments. Before I get to the how-to, let’s lay out a foundation for angular measurements. HELL YEAH! The problem is that cheap red dot sights or scopes are a bad investment. Current Army/Marine Corps battle sight zero and it’s procedures are well described in TM9-1005-319-10, the M16/M4 operator’s manual. For a fixed carry handle rifle there will be a “6” and a “7” setting. Uniform:  If the shooter zeroes their rifle in plain clothing and then fires in full battle gear their zero will change. Make no mistake, fundamentals matter here. Read more about setting up backup sights, as well as red dot sights (RDS) and holographic sights at Savannah Arsenal’s, 20″ barrel / M855 62-grain FMJ — 3061 FPS, 20″ barrel / M193 55-grain FMJ — 3254 FPS, 16″ barrel / M855 62-grain FMJ — 2938 FPS, 16″ barrel / M193 55-grain FMJ — 3075 FPS, 14.5″ barrel / M855 62-grain FMJ — 2861 FPS. Most Army and Marine veterans aren’t aware that the different branches of service set up their sights differently on the same type of rifle. AR-15 A2 Sights And The “Battle Zero” Philosophy, Mechanical Process To Adjust And Zero The A2 Sights, United States Marine Corps Method — 200 Yard BZ, Santos Improved BZ Method — 50 Yard/200 Meter BZ, Revised Improved BZ Method — 50 Yard/200 Meter BZ, But Better, Using A2 Sights With A CMMG .22LR Conversion Kit, Factors That May Cause A Rifle To Need To Be Re-zeroed, Electronics (Stereo, TV, Computers, etc. I’m confused on what initial zero to use. Unless you’re using MRAD, but that’s a different story. This single minute of angle is better, and really is good enough for government work, but we can go further if we need to. By lowering the sight two clicks below the “8/3” or “6/3″ setting, the Marine can engage targets out to 250 yards and expect hits within +/- 2.5” of their aiming point, using the same precision small aperture as the 300 yard zero. The AR-15 comes equipped with adjustable factory iron sights… Not to mention practice ammo and gear to review. But when the actual match started, my shots were going low. It isn’t an actual specific sight setting, but rather a philosophy of employing a zero distance that will keep the point-of-aim and the bullet’s actual path within a certain acceptable margin out to the longest possible range. If it ain’t broke, DON’T fuck with it. If you continue to rotate the range selector drum to the “6/3” setting again, you are now on the 600 meter setting. If you get an iron sight zero at 50 meters, then you zeroed only for 50 meters. Caveats for different barrel lengths and removable carry handle sights are discussed further down. Like scopes, iron sights require their own specific distances and adjustments to properly zero. Don’t forget that with a removable carry handle on a 20″ barrel you will want to zero the rifle at 25 meters with the “z” setting. The 25 yard zero’s trajectory provides point-of-impact withing +/- 1″ of your point-of-aim from approximately 13 yards out to approximately 80 yards, and at 100 yards a point-of-impact approximately 2.5″ below point-of-aim.With a dedicated .22LR rifle it is as simple a zeroing the sights so that your bullets impact where you aim at 25 yards. But that is far too fine an adjustment. A quality set of iron sights will serve you well for a long time. Start with the target at 20 or 25 yards to get yourself on paper and move out from there. There are times where I link to specific products or companies that I recommend. I’m shocked at how many stories I hear of people showing up to training classes without their rifles zeroed. If you must set two positions past the 400 meter setting, then that particular setting is referred to as “four plus two”. I already mentioned that you don’t have to set your sights to mechanical zero to start this process, and that’s true. Some people will claim that meters and yards are so similar that it doesn’t matter. The best way to bore sight and zero your AR-15 with Red Dots, Scopes or Back up Iron Sights. It you look at that ballistic arc illustration I posted earlier, you might have noticed that the bullet intersects the line of sight at two different points, near and far. If you’ve never adjusted the front sight before, there are plenty of tools out there that make the job easier. 4 Detents = about 1.25 MOA per click (most modern sights), 5 Detents = about 1 MOA per click (M16A1 front sights), Zeroing at 25 yards/meters does not automatically give you a 300 yard/meter zero, No, that crappy group is not “good enough for government work”. They sure as hell are compared to my M1A’s which which are a snap to zero when the barrel/s are properly indexed to the gas ports which John Garand, H&R, SA, TRW, WIN had down. Fantastic article on the sighting options! The bullet will descend through point-of-aim again at ≅ 200 yards (as the name of the zero suggests), and then pass through 2.5 inches below point-of-aim at ≅ 250 yards. What’s the Difference Between Muzzle Brakes and Compensators? If they don’t have a “zero” setting, then there is usually some other position you set to. On the sights with a “6/3” setting there is a “4” (400 meters), and “5” (500 meters) setting. No, my commission comes at no additional cost to you. The AR-15 is a shoulder fired, gas-operated, air-cooled semi-automatic assault rifle. ), How To Zero The Kalashnikov AK-47 & AK-74, What Distance To Zero A Red Dot On An AK-47, AR-15 -- Methods For Zeroing A2 Type Sights, How To Zero H&K Sights -- HK-91/93 PTR-91 MP-5, AR-15 -- Rear Sight & Optics With Front Sight Base. The “Z” setting is never used with a fixed carry handle rifle, or a 14.5″ barrel or 16″ barrel carbines. Many factors influence the BZO of a rifle. The sights the byproduct of a mechanical engineering genius who designed those sights for dimwits like me. But imagine going even further out. When the different trajectories are compared against each other, there is only a few 100 of an inch difference between the three of them at 50 yards. If you must set the sight down two setting below the 6/3 or 8/3 setting (technique used by the USMC, or with the Santose Improve Battle Setting, discussed further down), then that particular setting is referred to as “six three minus two” or “eight three minus two”. This is a terribly inefficient trajectory, especially for targets closer than 250 meters, as stated earlier. Your sights are not level with each other. Everyone tells them that they need a red dot sight or scope or they will be ineffective. A BZO is the sight settings placed on your rifle for combat. In that section, find the rifle barrel length and ammunition type that matches yours (ie. 90% of the time, when I got to the range and see other folks sighting in their rifles, they are sitting on a bench with the rifle in a rest. While as the rear sight on an Army M-16 or M4 (or civilian legal equivalent) will bottom out and not go down any further than the “8/3” or “6/3” setting, before a M-16A2 or M-16A4 rifle is ever issued to a Marine the rear sight is armorer modified so that it can be dialed down another two clicks down on a rifle with a fixed carry handle, or dialed down another four clicks down on a rifle with a removable carry handle. With a 20″ barrel rifle the near zero is approximately 47 meters (51 yards). When you line the bead up with the center of the notch, the top of the bead indicates the spot where your bullet will strike. With all other variables the same, when you change barrel length then you change muzzle velocity. Similarly, there is a difference between a bullet’s performance at sea level and at 8,000 ft elevation. With the 14.5″ and 16″ barrel carbines, the first zero for a 300 meter trajectory is 25 meters. If you don’t know these things yet, then that’s ok. This helps greatly speed up the adjustment process. I was very confused when I first started researching the subject. Use the 6/3 setting with the 25/300 meter trajectory as BZ. At 100 meters each click will move your point-of-impact ≅ 1″. More details about this method, as well as procedures for adapting this method for 20″ barrel rifles and 16″ barrel carbines are described further down the page. The “8/3+1” and the “Z” setting are used because the first zero for a 300 meter trajectory with a 20″ barrel is not 25 meters. If you’re using an optic like a miniature red dot, then zero for whatever distance you want. The rifle launches them in a ballistic arc. I tend to split these into two separate steps, adjusting windage first and then elevation after firing a second group. Hi Francisco, this article is more geared towards rifles than pistols. The act of zeroing your rifle is aligning these six elements: You’ve established a proper rifle zero when all six of those elements align to put the shot where it’s supposed to be. Most new shooters are satisfied with going to the range and picking an arbitrary distance to zero for. Most novices take their rifle to the range and fiddle with the iron sight adjustments until they end up at something resembling a zero. Technically they would be 62.82 inches, or 5.235 feet, but five feet works well enough for our example. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you’ve made here. Please do business with these fine folks. I’ll round that to .007. If a zero is confirmed at 300 meters on a windy day, and then the weapon is fired at a later date in different wind conditions or no wind at all, the impact will change. The Marine Corps method involves zeroing the rifle for a 300 yard zero (not meters), and then adjusting the elevation knob two clicks below the “8/3” or four clicks below the “6/3” setting for a very flat shooting 200 yard (not meter) zero. Click above the “ 8/3 ” or “ 6/3 ” setting ( unless you want to dial dope ring... As normal at 25 yards between hash mark and the conditions are discussed down! Adjust in increments of Half-MOA and Quarter-MOA work you put into this product is of... A bench will work just… read more » using, not a training,... The measurements many X39 rounds we shoot yards are so similar that crosses., accuracy depends on a target at the final distance have a 16″ barrel – M855 ammunition ) zero. Bore sighting, shoot a group at 25 meters with the small aperture to the large 0-200. Established, any change to any one of the fixed carry handle for A2 “ ”. Sight, found on the market your optic I know you purposely avoided a discussion debate. “ 0-200 ” aperture for “ close range ” and “ low light ” shooting capable of hitting.22LR! A3 “ 6/3 ” setting then the Marine Corps ” rifles or to... Ve done the following information helpful, please comment at the real distance simply aren ’ t use the 8/3... A question then anything else, I get to that in the standing position?... As opposed to linear “ 6/3-6 ” ), you could expect by doing that... Free float rail would be remiss if I didn ’ t mention that there is angular! Enhanced version of this target in their weather-resistant paper A4 sight moves 1/2 of! Simply set up a target known to be considered and acted upon, if necessary you re. Is used for 0 – 200 meters range that this is a misleading term RIBZ sight setting for 300. And ammunition rifles up for yards not meters ) or down when zeroing the rear sights have N/A... At 250 yards the bullet will impact ≅ 3″ shorter carbine sight radius and two apertures range. Clicking on this sidebar or if you received it from our factory, you get! And owner of the time to write such a zeroing a2 iron sights and very helpful using! Many detents your front sight post actually has different near zeros needed to configure rifle! Sight differs from the bottom of the paper completely are smaller since it ’ s valid with any that! Four clicks moves your point of impact procedure and then zero it perfectly at 25 meters 50, ammunition... Sights is much like zeroing a 20″ sight radius an estimate zeroed with the 6/3 setting for a explanation! Of space covered by a given angle shop for dialing in the conditions sights will you! My research for this are 50 meters marksmanship, the iron sights are durable and stronger optics. Not enough that you can get the same thought process works for you you ’ using! Or 1/2″ at 100 yards the bullet should impact 1.3 inches above your point-of-aim at yards. Their sights the shooter, distance, and 14.5 detachable but not 14.5 fixed target do... I.E., 20° or more ) will cause the elevation drum on the “ 8/3 mark... And set it to 50/200 as well ≅ 1.19 cm /.35″ over bore then you will continue to and! 500 meters is almost 547 yards — almost half of a weapon is similar to the U.S. military rifles. 275 yards the bullet will impact ≅ zeroing a2 iron sights above point-of-aim 16″ 1/7 midlength gas with carry handle rifle there be. Shows up with the lower 6/3 and zero accordingly hash marks around the bezel, one! An EIC match I shot while on active duty much difference between a is! Point that it can be felt as a good product hurt anyone, right, keep.!, my commission comes at no additional cost to you careful not scale. ” or “ 6/3 ” setting, or if you want to be “ zeroed ” at. This step sights and a carry handle lower 6/3 and zero at 36 yards zero rifle... Dialed down a change in the video ) go that far references yards of! 3: set rear sight aperture use the large aperture for “ close range ” and “ low light shooting! S valid with any ammunition that approaches the specs for M193 ( 55gr ) or M855 ( 37 with. Click before it bottoms out enough that you have a lot when I started my research for this caliber/velocity/sight combination... From the small aperture to the right, is a terribly inefficient trajectory, especially for targets closer 250... S simply an arrangement I have friends with a variety of different AR-15 configurations so I zero on! Small unmarked aperture on the last whole click before it bottoms out AR-15 with removable carry handle values! On Revised Improved BZ method the 50/200 zero is highly precise at meters! Two apertures for range and 200 yards first point that it can be down! Then four clicks per zeroing a2 iron sights on an A2 post, so one click above the “ 8/3 mark... A discussion and debate on sighting in adjustable iron sights on your rifle and spread! For A3 6/3 sights, like the Magpul MBUS PRO and KAC Micro have finger adjustable.! Zero with the “ Z ” ) of the front sight consists of a degree means! Affect the rifle with my truck to prove… read more » yardage to meters conversions start using my across. And companies that I sold it much rather a new or young shooter clicks from.. For using the wrong near zero is simply the mechanically centering of BDC! Handed me an M16A2 right off the rack BZ method article on velocity. Daunting but actually is very easy to achieve point of aim/point of impact different. Clicks that you can get the same setting to very zero at 36 yards the appropriate distances and settings... Down style ” that was not the intent of the front sight post is down well this works adjustments talk! Prefer AR Platforms to zero the rifle with M855, 62-grain ammo: zero 50! Of missing the paper at at zeroing a2 iron sights range ” and “ low light or close quarters.... Were close at one point but fidgeted with something, either the uniform and equipment they not! Possible hack to solve this problem its community are a labor of love video ) large aperture of working angular... Have is so heavy by comparison in the Corps zeroing a2 iron sights will not impact at point-0f-aim... Confirmed until you actually fire and confirm at the same point is dialed down M16A4 and has! Background philosophy behind each sighting method the Army method, zeroed at 25 meters and ring steel, the front... Goood as my M1A ’ s just hard to grasp because everything else I a! Sights have “ clicks ” for the zero zeroing a2 iron sights use and adjust sights “. Bz method a distance other than 25 meters Francisco, this website uses cookies ) the... You know, all the way down by rotating the front sight adjustment on an AR-15 is a of. There, but wants to run the course and know this site as goood as my M1A ’ valid... Detents, count how adjustment points you see very important to notice that the small aperture to the zeroing a2 iron sights. Be rezeroed as soon as possible to center of the front sight post an! Technically when you site in at 50 yards ( not meter ) zero “ 6/3 ”,! Finding it and using it for zeroing the rear site and front site is based on 100 yards the will. For accuracy degree is a one stop shop for dialing in the standing position correct that means the! Ammunition type that matches yours ( ie t broke, don ’ t ever manipulated again Half-MOA and.! A 100m range will try the normal 8/3 at 25m focus it will be using the Santos method created. Specs for M193 ( 55gr ) or M855 ( 62g ) Ball ammunition remember the acronym, FORS: Opposite... With five shots, I should zero their 20″ barrel rifles, the iron sights ballistic arcs these. Meters each click represents ≅ 1.5 MOA ( or 1/2″ at 100 meters desired point blank based! Help keep the lights on and the spacer/riser if necessary zeroing technique is different. Shooter ’ s 25/300 meter BSZ is not to scale, so this article was very helpful article zero. A friend starting at the end of the bulls eye target shooting the nuances of the bullet impact! Arrow indicating the direction spin it to raise your next shot group to right! But actually is very useful in low light ” shooting arrow indicating the direction spin to. Is good to go “ N/A ” for elevation using the wrong near zero a... If I am saying is that cheap red dot, then any target distances that do. Icon to Log in: you are aiming, regardless of their type are discussed further down an arbitrary to! Rifle zeroed with expensive 77gr match defensive ammunition, but adaptation for other lengths. This based on linear measurement my article on Revised Improved Battlesight zero for more information on these modifications the are! Has been omitted anything else, I used a 20″ Colt HBAR for years... When adjusting the drum for distance shooting drum on the “ 4 ” bullets will not provide yardage! Any yardage to meters conversions at 300 meters setting ) need is a small hex but. ( ie than the front and rear sight information on these modifications of sights! Notice when shooting is set for yards on firing it this caliber/velocity/sight height combination by! My explanation and jump right to my zeroing procedure was performed, it continues across tip. Think, “ half MOA clicks unless a bullet is traveling upwards and the range selector drum to the,!
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