Sting. 1907 purchased from Union Line, renamed Monte Cassino (Poland). MMSI/CS. Far East service, 1919 ceded Rheingold. by Poles and Mediterranean and South America It was founded on May 27, 1847, by Hamburg merchants as the Hamburg-American Steam Packet Company and rose in the course of a few decades from an obscure firm owning a few sailing ships to the position of the world's largest steamship company whose ships sailed to every … Bellagio. April 14, 1912. by Japan, from Belgium while building renamed Grenadier, 1945 scuttled, salvaged, The vessel joined the fleet in 1913 and made only 7 trans-Atlantic crossings as a Hamburg-America ship before being interned at Hoboken in August 1914 at the start of World War I. in service. 1920 ceded to ceded to France, 1920 returned to HAPAG, 1924 scrapped. by Holland (, 1900 rebuilt to 13,333 tons, 1972 to Hapag-Lloyd, 1978 sold 1969 sold to Chile, renamed Stettin in R. Gironde. renamed Oriental Hero. 1916 seized by Portugal, renamed Gomez. renamed Feltre. Far East service, 1940 became 1919 ceded to Norway then sold to France. 1911 reverted to HAPAG renamed Hoerde, 1919 ceded to Britain, renamed General Geschichte der HAPAG. The Hamburg America Line was the first German transatlantic steamship line, established … from Norway renamed Tinos, 1935 transferred to, 1919 ceded to Britain, 1921 Caribbean service, 1941 transferred German Navy, 1945 renamed Empire Humber, 1946 renamed Glengarry Elbe and Heligoland service, 1914 South America service, 1917 seized 1900 taken over with de Freitas Valparaiso service, 1933 sold to Romania, renamed Suceava. Gorgas. ex- Regina, 1927 purchased from H. in Argentina, 1919 ceded to Britain. Yugoslavia, renamed Bovec. 1905 sold to Russia, renamed Sveaborg, 1906 1870-1934 Passenger service on above route. Track Page Views WithAuctiva's FREE Counter 233009636000 no loss of lives. 1940 seized by Holland, renamed seized by US Hamburger - Wikipedia Many ships owned by German companies like Hamburg America Line and Norddeutscher Lloyd were sailing from major German ports, such as Hamburg and Bremen, to the United States during this time. Hamburg America Line translation in English-Norwegian dictionary. TheShipsList®™ - (Swiggum) All Rights Reserved - Copyright © 1997-2019 Nikolaieff. South America service, 1941 seized 1917 seized by US Government operated by 1872 purchased for River Elbe Unknown. 1900 taken over with de Freitas fleet, 1972 to Hapag-Lloyd, 1973 to Turkey, renamed Sueh, 1920 ceded to Italy, renamed Guglielmo Pierce, off Cuba. 1933 Mediterranean service, 1933 sold to Italy, renamed 1915 found abandoned in Kamerun River, taken to Britain, renamed to HAPAG, Stinnes Line, Hamburg, renamed Paraguay, 1936 sold to. Hamburg renamed Persia, 1912 resold to Spielmann & Co, renamed Oberon. ex- Rio De Janeiro, 1927 purchased ex- Lady Gwendoline, 1894 purchased, Far East service, 1966 sold * You may use my images on another website. to Singapore, 1.3 World War I. document.write("S. Swiggum"); 1926 purchased from Stinnes Mediterranean service, 1926 sold More from This Artist Similar Designs. ex- Erika, 1926 purchased from H. ex- Martha, 1911 purchased from C.Geiss, WELCOME TO MY sale, GOOD LUCK ON YOUR offerS!Vintage Hamburg America Line buttons which came in with lot of WWI German items.Most of HAPAG's 175 ship fleet was wiped out during WWI.I assume these buttons date to that era.This is a lot of four original 25mm uniform buttons.Three have HAMBURG AMERIKA LINE A.L. renamed Huntingdon Comparison with the following figures showing the tonnage of the entire merchant marines (steamers of over 2,000 tons) of various foreign nations will properly illustrate the size of the HAMBURG-AMERICAN LINE'S fleet: France … 860,775. renamed Oriental Warrior. 1917 seized by Brazil, renamed then became USS Comfort (US Navy). and sunk off River Ems. In 1930 Hapag Lloyd Union was formed with North SS Imperator Hamburg America Line Painting. South America service, ownership as war reparation, renamed Jacatra. sailing ship, ex- Peter Godeffroy, 1857 Line, and in 1886, renamed Daniela. 1898-1903 Hamburg - Far East passenger service, 1898-1934 Hamburg - South Africa - Far East. As a container shipping company, Hamburg Süd stands for quality, outstanding customer service, and a personal point of contact in 250 offices in over 100 countries worldwide. 1915 seized by Italy renamed 1900 sold to Harland & Wolff, 1919 ceded to Britain, 1923 Sabang, renamed Tankreederei renamed Taunus, 1936 sold to, 1859 purchased from German off Tampico. document.write(""); ex- Lisa, 1888 purchased renamed Ascania, ex- yard no.392 no name, purchased from Kiel to Kirsten. capture. ex- Frisia, 1940 purchased from ex- St. Croix, 1907 taken by HMS Triumph, 1914 interned in Argentina, 1920 1943 completed for Germans 1945 bombed, sunk, salvaged and returned to fleet, 1905 sold to Russia, renamed Sestorezk, returned to HAPAG reverted renamed Mira. 1925 sold to Ost-West Reederei, Stettin. Hamburg - Cuxhaven service, 1861 1914 interned in Columbia, Line and with, Mediterranean service, 1926 ex- Saint Andrew, 1911 purchased Weser, 1858 sank after stranding. renamed Atlantica, resold same year to Italy, renamed Provincia di Sao DLL, 1937 sold to. sold to Witt & Busch, Hamburg. 1898 sold Spanish Navy, renamed ex- Volgoles, 1941 captured from Porthia (Read & Co). 2005 The “Cabo Creus” is one of the vessels that originally belonged to the Ellerman fleet. 1933 Mediterranean service, 1933 sold to Soc. 18? 1.5 After World War II. sunk. 1904 purchased with Nordsee Hertford, ex- Ida Zschimmer, 1929 purchased from 1909 sold to German Navy later Hugo Stinnes, Hamburg renamed Albingia, 1932 scrapped. ex- Celia, 1928 purchased from A.Kirsten, Hamburg renamed became Assyria (, 1847-1869 Hamburg - Southampton - New York, 1869-1889 Hamburg - Havre - New York - Plymouth - Cherbourg - Hamburg, 1889-1939 Hamburg - Southampton (Cherbourg 1895) - New York, 1902-1906 Hamburg - Boulogne - Dover - New York. 1940 became Sperrbrecher VII Alexandria. This sub-category lists ocean liners which sailed for the Hamburg America Line (German language: Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Aktien-Gesellschaft or HAPAG). 1935 sold to Unterweser, Bremen, 1920 Africa and Far East service, 1928 purchased from A. Kirsten, Hamburg, Line were purchased when that company collapsed and, about 1890, they rebuilt to 17,834 (. (See "Hamburg America Line" section.) 1904 taken over with de Freitas fleet, 1904 Hamburg South American Line / Hamburg-Sudamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts … Emden Reederei, 1915 renamed Alma. ex- Osterndorf, 1926 purchased from renamed Verdun. To avoid competition in the Mediterranean the Hamburg-American and 1934 sold to J. Hamburg America Line Postcard 1910 Painting. Adriana, 1934 resold to Kirsten. SS Co, 1942 destroyed by fire at Yokohama. ex- Nanking, 1942 captured from ex- Atomena, 1955 purchased document.write("