4. In this tutorial we will trim a straight line segment by using the trim symbol from the modify tool bar and the trim command. The Trim command is similar to the Extend command. The following list describes the effects of each of the possible Trimming values. AutoCAD prompts you … This command is the time-saving command. Conjugation in AutoCAD. As it is, AutoCAD's Trim command is very efficient.…However, did you know there is an even faster way to trim your geometry?…In this lesson we're going to take a look at extrim, a tool that allows us to…trim everything to one side of an object.…On my screen I have some simple geometry.…Let's say I'd like to trim all of the line work on the outside of this circle.…To do that I'll type extreme. With the introduction of AutoCAD 2021 both the “Trim” and “Extend” commands have been enhanced to improve workflow and speed up the command process. Here is a free course how to use EXTEND command in AutoCAD You can make objects longer using Extend and this command is similar to Trim because there are two steps to using it. Followers 6. This is the untrimmed ellipse. Assuming you have already drawn the image we have in step 1. If you do the above command or push the button, you have two options 1) “Select objects” or 2) hit enter one more time to “