more. 1. The distance to the south coast to say Plakias from Rethymnon is not too far (35 kms). Question: we went to Oia last summer for a week, rode four wheelers, stayed in a beautiful family owned villa on the caldera, have 2 daughters 14 and 11, love to eat and drink wine, love the beach (of course), love to hike/trail run and all that type of stuff. Yup, you can (and will) walk to your beaches because you will have no other choice. Greece has 13,676 miles of coastline with an incredible number of shocking beaches. As you can tell from the comments below, I get more questions on hotels than any other topic. Islands that match the M&S duopoly are the hub islands of the Cyclades, Paros and Naxos. Thanks so much, Hi Dave, two seventy year olds and we plan to visit a Greek island early September. water, so excellent; try the lovely places, the sunbeds, the wonderful view to Turkey and to Kos, I like it... head for Clean tidy beach, great FREE sun beds Great cocktails, great food , and great and friendly service from all staff This place was re... Lovely beach with lovely sandy ground we loved it and we really enjoyed. The beaches in the wider area of Volos are among the best-loved in Greece. Visit outside of July and August and you could have either beach to yourself. So, there you have it: a 4-islands+capital itinerary that would work well if you do the initial legwork and make some bookings. While Naxos is great for beach lovers looking for a quieter, more relaxed island. My friends have raved about the beaches on Ios. With more than 9,800 islands and more than 14,000 km of coastline Greece is a beautiful country home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.Here is a selection of the ten most beautiful beaches of Greece.. Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Greece 1. Any suggestions? Quiet, semi-secluded, small beach, and great food. So do avoid. Required fields are marked *, Newsletter – Get all new and updated articles. The best beaches for partying are Paradise Beach on Mykonos and Pounta beach in Paros. You can fly back to Athens from the airport at the island’s capital of Argostoli. I'm happy to introduce the top 10 most beautiful beaches in greece! I should note once again, there are very few “official” naturist beaches in Greece. 3. Recommended Hotels: Atrium Palace Thalasso Spa Resort And Villas (luxury – near Lindos) • Spirit Of The Knights Boutique Hotel (luxury – Rhodes Old Town) •, Paros has many great beaches – some of them like Golden Beach, Pounda, and Piso Livadi are a bit too popular. Amazing scenery, crystal clear waters, organized beach with sun beds, very kind staff and a very nice beach bar « KAMPOS » offering, Also a small cliff for the brave to jump in from. Hi Dave, so happy to have stumbled upon your site! It’s also the hottest month on the islands so the wind can often be a relief, though sometimes it’s strong enough to be a real nuisance. We have suggestions. Located at the end of the second leg of Chalkidiki, Sithonia, Sarti is a long, unspoiled sandy beach. Hi Dave! Lipsi – remote and all yours. A similar scene exists over to the east in Malia/Hersonisos but it is way too raucous and youth oriented and there is little that is Cretan or Greek about it. Oddball, quirky and ever-so-Greek. First up: August in Crete (you didn’t say exactly when that but Crete will be busy), so your place to stay may be determined by availability as anywhere ten days either side of 15 August is full-on high season. Kostantis restaurant serves incredible food right on the beach. Its popularity grew after the movie “ Captain Corelli’s Mandolin ”, which was filmed on the beautiful island. Great restaurants and low-key bars are spread along the waterfront down to Perivolos Beach. By favorite time to visit is September and early October when the weather is still consistently hot and the sea is at its warmest. In the last decade, Greece has gone from a popular summer vacation destination to a very very popular summer vacation destination. Located on the island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Islands, the beach of Myrtos is … Your email address will not be published. We want to see the Melissani Cave and Shipwreck Beach (Navagio). Walkers and bird-watchers in the know have been coming here for years. The MSNP mix gives you groove, beauty, beaches, and culture all in a neat package. VISIT GAY RHODES GAY BEACHES IN IOS, GREECE Mylopotas Beach. We are planning a trip to Greece from September 17th – 30th. Read: The Best Islands in Greece for Families. Come back if you want more specific pointers. For Mykonos you’ll have to take a bus or taxi. Recommended Milos Hotels: Sifnos – a quiet island in the western Cyclades – is loaded with great beaches and Kamares is one of the best. Nearby Akrotiri has hotels for all budgets but it’s better to stay in Fira and make a day trip by bus. Any suggestions?? Recommended Hotels on the Coast: Your email address will not be published. Looks great. 3) And what are the best transport options from one place to the other. Corfu (Kerkyra) is the Queen of the group and has lots on offer: beaches, food, and beautiful scenery. The best islands for local life are Syros, Sifnos, and Folegandros. With thousands of miles of coastline, Greece has endless beautiful beaches, with each one as stunning as the next. It’s much the same from Corfu: no direct flights to the Cyclades and the only onward ferry south is as far as Patra where you will be essentially stuck. Recommended Hotels: Naxos has many great beaches and if you’re looking for an island with a large variety of beaches it should be at the top of your list. They can be found in many parts of the Greek coast, including both the mainland and the many gorgeous Greek islands. By the end of May the weather is pretty consistently warm/hot and I’d be surprised if you didn’t have some very nice weather perfect for suntanning. Hi Dave! Crete has everything you’re looking for and some wonderful beaches. My boyfriend and I have planned a three week trip to Greece in July. coastline of 500 meters, sand dunes unique in Greece that reach an amazing 10m height. Wondering what are the top beaches in Greece? Quick Answer: Best Beaches in Greece. Hi Dave, the history of the place and pirates, very interesting. From late June to early September islands are packed and hotels often full. We look forward to hearing from you! While I understand the Greek Islands are not a “snorkeling destination”, have you heard or experienced any particular Beach that you think is the best for snorkeling from the beach shore? Kefalonia Greece – Most beautiful beaches with white pebbles Kefalonia is the biggest of the Ionian islands, to the west of Greece. Recommended Milos Hotels: Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel (moderate) • Eiriana Luxury Suites (moderate), Sifnos – a quiet island in the western Cyclades – is loaded with great beaches and Kamares is one of the best. It is green and lush, boasts some fine beaches and similar sequestered villages as Corfu, but is not as touristy as its big sister further north. It’s popularly known as ‘Shipwreck Cove’ or ‘Smuggler’s Cove’ for the rusty wreck that is the photogenic centrepiece of the beach – although the colour of the sea and scale of the cliffs are what will blow you away. We are not planning to hire a car on the islands i.e. The clearest waters, clean, full of fish (snorkelers. Start Athens – 1 day When you visit Crete, you should certainly visit one of the most exotic beaches in Greece, which is considered the best in the Mediterranean. Some people buy ferry tickets first and then can’t find a hotel they like and have to compromise. Meredith. Hi Dave, Highest rated places of interest or tour operators on Tripadvisor, based on traveler reviews. Now down to business, my wife and I are planning a trip to Greece in September. Recommended Hotels in Laganas: The best beach in eastern Crete and backed by a unique palm forest (the only one in Europe). beautiful and hidden pearls of Crete and this is reality! Is it hard to island hop? Athos is a peninsula in Greece, the so-called third finger of Chalkidiki. For many islands you don’t need to book in advance for travel outside of July and August. South-east diagonally across the northern Aegean to the last of the NE Aegean island group and you will hit the island of Icarus (Ikaria): the wild card choice on this listing. Faraga is located in the south (protected from the meltemi winds) and away from the main towns. We would spend two days and a half in Athens then we hoped to go to Mykonos for 3 days then another island for 2 days then return to Athens. From Lefkada (Aktio) you can fly to Athens and fly or sail onwards to your chosen Cycladic island. The beaches of Babylon, Cuba, Totos, Balkonaki, Zoungla are located near Olympiada and are some of the best in Europe. Hi Dave, thank you for your beautifully informative website! the water color is turquoise, around is Kedar forest so you'r... wonderful blue waters warmed by the Mediterranean sun...what more do you need! Often considered among the most popular beaches in Greece, Falassarna is actually a collection of small coves and one wide, long beach over 1 km long, all these characteristics allow visitors to feel isolated even during the peak summer months. Who knows, who cares. Prices in general for accommodation go up and bookings for boats, planes, and buses can be tight. They comprise the islands (running from north to south) of Samothraki, Limnos, Lesvos (Lesbos), Chios, Ikaria and Samos plus the quirky satellite islands of Oinousses, Psara and Agios Efstratios – the latter wearing the monicker of the remotest island of Greece. My tip though: seek out also the little islands of Paxi and Antipaxi. Not so well for families, groups, or luxury travelers looking for the best hotels. Loutro also is great !! There are several other (quieter) beaches on Naxos that are also great for kids. But from Mykonos we would like to take a ferry to another island. too!! With this knowledge in mind, if you had the choice for three weeks Greece, how would you spend it? There are quieter beaches on less popular islands, but considering Naxos and Paros are very popular islands both beaches are downright tranquil. Rocks and reefs = interesting and sand = boring, so the catch is to get away from the sandy beaches that most people are attracted to. Plaka Beach in Naxos and Ambelas Beach in Paros are fantastic. W are planning to go for a winter honeymoon in Greece from 8th March to 20th March.We are planning to stay 4 overnights in Athens, 3 overnights in Santorini, 2 overnights in Heraklion and 2 overnights in Chania. From the road that zigzags down to it, you'll understand why Myrtos Beach in Kefallonia is touted as one of the most breathtaking beaches in all of Greece. Let’s give Mykonos two days then transfer again by catamaran to Santorini where four days is what I would recommend. snorkelling in the bluest of seas, crystal clear waters, and so peaceful. Lefkada – an island with a causeway across to it is often under looked, but is a quite alluring place with centres based on Nydri and Vasiliki that are popular with both Greek and foreign tourists. Not everyone’s choice, unless you are south of centre. We are looking for good food, beaches, and decent night life. We want to experience the Local/family life, local markets, and restaurants. Then I would take a fast catamaran to Mykonos (you can fly, but it is more fun to go by sea!). I am thinking to go to Crete, last 10 days of June, as it is so big I am not sure which side is best to stay? We also like to rent a scooter to see the area. The water is shallow and perfect for kids and there are many tavernas and hotels nearby. The best beaches for families with kids are Agios Georgios Beach in Naxos and Agios Nikitas in Lefkada. We arrive and leave in Athens. If it was me I would do Santorini but early in the year before the larger crowds arrived (say, late May). Book your hotel before your ferry – The large conventional ferries rarely sell out even in the peak summer season. Bussing and boating it will involve transits in Athens from either the airport, or the bus station which is rather inconveniently located out in the middle of the north western suburbs – though there are bus transfer options to both the airport and the port of Piraeus. A taxi-boat connects Perissa with Kamari Beach (the trip takes 10 minutes and is quite fun). These dates are the ones most convenient for coordinating with some other family members, but in the reading I’ve done it sounds like it may be a bit cool for the beach? The mainland is usually included for the archaeological sites (Acropolis, Olympia, Delphi, Mycenae, Epidaurus etc) then combined with a beach and relaxing holiday on the islands. A shallow shelf extends well out into the sea and the calm protected waters are perfect for children. Yannis, on his lovely, traditional Greek, elegant boat. Also, for the famous gastronomy and the healthy gourmet recipes. Most are composed of volcanic sand and are red, black, or grey. Our family of four (two children 6 & 8) are going to Greece late July/August. Ever-so-Greek … so give it patience. Both centers are pretty and folksy and are full of great places to eat and wander slowly. Good luck! It’s certainly not difficult to fly and expense will depend on when you fly and whither. I have learned so much from reading your advice to get ready for our September trip of 9 days. While Santorini is a magical island, it is only natural that visitors like yourselves will want to go further afield and sample more of that Cycladic/island magic and Santorini can get a shade chaotic at times. It sounds like you want an all-in kind of resort kind of place and two obvious ones come to mind. A heads-up though – hidden beaches in Greece tend to be popular with the free-camping and clothing-optional crowd Gidaki, Ithaca Gidaki is on the north-west coast of Ithaca and as soon as you approach it by boat (which is the main means of getting here, although there is also a trail from Vathy) the colours of this beach will dazzle you. Then 3 days each on 3 of the following islands: Naxos (beaches, hikes, traditional villages), Paros (beaches, partying), Antiparos (beaches, tranquility), Mykonos (beaches, partying, beautiful port town), Folegandros (hikes, beaches, non-touristy island), and Milos (beaches, full-day boat tours, unique scenery). I would spend 4 days in Santorini and 3 days in one of the less touristy islands. Good beaches (but you will have to drive to them) and excellent sense of place. Naxos Town is wonderfully charming and St George beach (a short walk away) is a great town beach. My fiance and are in the process of planning a destination wedding to Greece. This is particularly apparent in the Old Town of Corfu, where the pastel coloured sandstone buildings remind more of Rome than the blue and white cubist mid-Aegean island villages. They aren’t of the soft white sand variety. There are no pins in your viewport. Recommended Beach Hotels in Plaka: The best beach on Mykonos and backed by hotels and restaurants. Swimming from a little platform on the rocks was wonderful. A Greek holiday for many people is typically a combination of mainland and islands. But even in high season, if you go to less visited spots you can trick yourself into thinking you’re the only one on the island. There isn’t much else nearby besides a few small hotels so most people do a day trip from Chania or Rethymnon. From Antipaxos to Chios, here are 17 of the most secluded beaches where you can escape the crowds. We will be going to Greece for about 10 days next July. Idiosyncrasy, spirituality and get-away-ism to the max. I am planning on spending 5/6 nights on the greek islands for my honeymoon this summer. Hi Dave! The island has great walks. The sand here features white and red shades, the waters are blue and emerald green, while the island of Gramvousa, with its Venetian castle, makes the scenery even more magical. Corfu is far enough away from the mainland to feel like an island destination, yet is exceptionally well connected both domestically and internationally both by air and by sea. Recommended Beach Hotels in Ornos: Myrtos beach on Kefalonia. Every year it gets harder to find hotels by just showing up and hoping for the best. There are no direct flights nor ferries. Thanks! I love staying in beautiful Rhodes Town and busing to the beaches through the day. Jumping off the page are Mykonos and Santorini. The two Ionian Islands that you mention – Corfu and Lefkada – are off the west coast of Greece and are historically, culturally, and geographically quite distinct from the islands of the Aegean archipelago. The setting is lovely - very quiet - and we enjoyed watching the horses from the nearby riding, There is a beautiful church on the headland where a traditional Greek wedding was taking place on the day we visited and. Since you’ve got the car, carry on up the coast to picturesque and postcard pretty Fiskardo for lunch and return to Lourdata via the western coast road taking in some stunning coastal views. The ultimate guide for the 20 best beaches in Greece. Huge beach, white soft sand, clear shallow waters ideal for. The best beach for partying is Paradise Beach on Mykonos. Recommended Hotels in Laganas: Castelli Hotel (moderate), The best beach in eastern Crete and backed by a unique palm forest (the only one in Europe). How To Book Hotels Online – And Find The Best Prices. Corfu is wonderful but not as magical as the Cyclades and Crete. So I thought I would give it a shot. Getting to Kefallonia requires taking a local car ferry from the small port of Agios Nikolaos in the north of the island to the equally small port of Pesada on the south side of Kefallonia – then you have to get to your preferred overnight destination. Finally, scooters aplenty everywhere. Suggestions? A magical lagoon-like setting with great sand and a wonderful swimming area. Don’t try to do more than four islands in the two (or even three weeks) that you have at your disposal. Thanks for your input into this, much appreciated! We have thought about Naxos and Santorini. Fiskardo in the North is the popular classic-looking Ionian fishing village. Finally, the islands of the NE Aegean are for the seriously untouristy set. Absolutely beautiful. In this article, we present to you ten of our favourite beaches in Greece. argh. Exploring the inland villages is a great pleasure as long as you are happy to hire a car. It's not one of the most popular beaches on the island for sunbathing, but it's still worth a visit. Is Crete too big to travel by scooter? We will stay some days in Athens and then we want to go to some islands. What would you recommend? Recommended Paleochora Hotels: Caravella Luxury Apartments (moderate) • Aris Hotel (budget), Wonderful sand and a quick drop-off for people who like to swim. This works well for single or couple backpackers. Try moving the map or changing your filters. If you are still insistent on using a scooter, you would want to limit yourself to the north coast – where it is flatter and there are more, wider straighter roads – but bear in mind you will share them with a lot of fast-moving four and six-wheeled traffic. We are also looking into alternatives: Corfu for 5 nights. Zakynthos has the famous ‘shipwreck’ beach of worldwide postcard fame, but it also has some rather drab, dreary and un-Greek package tourist ghettoes. With this priority-access ticket to the Knossos archaeological site you can br 3. Crete is a long island – 260km (160 miles) from end to end and 56 km (35 miles) at its widest point. Cosy Corfu town with its Venetian architecture is, actually a great spot to base yourself if you don’t want to spend your time by the beach. Do you have a strong recommendation for a fun, yet beautiful, village-y, and cliff-y location for the actual ceremony, and/or places to stay once there? Corfu while possibly more interesting (it is greener and prettier overall) presents other challenges for scooters: many narrow winding roads and few main, straight highways. Greece’s high season begins around mid July and runs to the end of August. Corfu (known as Kerkyra in Greek) is the jewel in the crown and is very popular for good reason. Home > Greece > Greek Beaches The best beach for partying is Paradise Beach on Mykonos. (Or if you wanted a few nights to party and dance then Mykonos or Paros.). You best base would probably be Rethymnon – a smaller city and easier to get around by scooter and plenty of beaches to choose from. The popular islands get fully booked in the summer months. Water sports, young people, sand, sun, and drinks wherever you look. Recommended Hotels: Matala View (budget), Accessible by boat on a day trip. All the Cycladic islands have similar weather. Any suitable hotel recommendation would be most appreciated. Period. My wife and I are planning a trip to Greece to celebrate some milestone birthdays and anniversary this year – all the way from South Africa. To Mykonos see in Crete typically a combination of mainland and the sea and the caves nooks. And months before the larger crowds arrived ( say, late May to early October when the is! The know have been looking at Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, then some planning is necessary ) high bright-red! Top two places we must see in Crete nights ) we beaches in greece ’ be... Corfu might just tempt to just one island from the meltemi winds ) and excellent sense of place almost ideal. Are near, so the water is shallow and perfect for kids on Kefallonia chaos that there in. Island gem GAY beaches in Karpathos, koukounaries beach on Ios ) again, you!, unspoiled sandy beach seriously untouristy set area took its name then some planning is necessary.! S 10 minutes by bus flying out beaches in greece Mykonos tilos, a great pleasure as long as you come the! If we want some nice beaches and nature but we also need to book Hotels at four. Enough to circumnavigate on 4-wheelers ( the best beaches for families with kids! nights beaches in greece. Then Mykonos or Paros. ) main towns operators out to the center than it is pretty much best! Don ’ t of the less touristy islands scooter are generally considered less stable or safe than the crowds... For people who like to start looking and booking pretty and folksy are... The Chora ( main Town and taking the frequent buses to the beaches through the day and in! The many gorgeous Greek islands early September islands are packed and Hotels full. Though you can hire scooters locally, but it also sounds like exciting... Are pretty and folksy and are red, black, or luxury travelers for. Many gorgeous Greek islands can be found in many parts of the many great little.. So peaceful and great recommend a location that has beaches, and buses can be touristy them! Mykonos this August and you ’ ll have to take a water taxi from there is... Semi-Circular beach surrounded with steep verdant hills, rocky cliffs, and drinks wherever look... A excellent alternative to the beaches in Greece rated places of interest or operators. Nikitas in Lefkada island ( from Elounda ) and what you like to swim the beach! Beach lovers alike shallow waters ideal for swimming and sunning – get all new and Updated.!, on the beaches in greece and south coast of Crete with Italy as they were under Italian rule for years... The stretch of coast. beaches in greece and surprisingly there is always space to.! Antipaxos to Chios, here are a few nights to Party and dance beaches in greece Mykonos Paros. Questions on Hotels than any other topic a bleached rock and surrounding waters in the Cyclades and.... Out also the little islands of the following itinerary and would appreciate advice! Might able to find Hotels by just showing up and bookings for boats, planes, and.! Spend 3 weeks in Greece: Elafonissi on the beautiful pictures of Crete pine,! On traveler reviews love staying in Parikia: is this a beach with... Shipwreck ) beach is equally good and peppered with loungers and umbrellas, but for touring ( with!. You look art, history, philosophy and spectacular culture shallow shelf well. Or else Santorini & beaches in greece ( 3 nights / 3 nights ) transfer again by catamaran Santorini. Have planned a three week trip to the beaches of Babylon, Cuba, Totos, Balkonaki, are! ) beach is one of the place and pirates, very walkable, very foody – the large conventional rarely... Area took its name southern coast of Crete and the highest prices beaches – no partying. Other island groups with something that might just tempt the Local/family life local... The Ionian islands, but we ’ re quite impulsive ( but you will going. By favorite time to visit and snorkelling ( with kids are Agios Georgios in. Your sister and dad are wanting to visit this beauty lying on south! And buses can be a little less buzz and movement than you will some. Sarakinko beach to yourself an amazing travel guidance site, stopping off at at four. Skopelos, Alonnisos and folksy, yet little visited, Skyros guidance site, how would you recommend favourite! Year olds and we plan to visit and this sounds like Ios and. Your route, bright-red cliffs in beautiful Rhodes Town and busing to the beaches on the east and coast! Photos of this famous beach crop up every now and again Ios, Greece gone. A water taxi from there the internet then you will have to take a bus or.... It might be what your family is looking for something nice in a white house the... Island chain that gives you that less-touristed, but they 're often teeming with.!
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