The Breakthrough Junior Challenge is an annual global competition for students to inspire creative thinking about science. Breakthrough Junior Challenge videos and latest news articles; your source for the latest news on Breakthrough Junior Challenge . September 23, 2020. December 16, 2020. ... police report 75 collisions. Breakthrough Prize Foundation Scientists changing the world. Read the story » Sixth annual Breakthrough Junior Challenge winner. December 14, 2020. 2019 Challenge: Breakthrough Junior Challenge. 2016 Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics, awarded in May to founders and team members of LIGO, awarded to Kip Thorne, Rainer Weiss and family of Ronald Drever. October 30, 2020. 2015 Challenge : Breakthrough Junior Challenge. 2020 Challenge: Breakthrough Junior Challenge. 2018 Challenge: Breakthrough Junior Challenge. Students ages 13 to 18 from countries across the globe are invited to create and submit original videos (3 minutes in length maximum) that bring to life a concept or theory in the life sciences, physics or mathematics. Second Annual, International Breakthrough Junior Challenge Won by Female Students Antonella Masini, 18 (Peru) and Deanna See, 17 (Singapore). Maryam Tsegaye won this year’s Breakthrough Junior Challenge, earning herself a scholarship and her school a brand-new CSHL-designed science lab. A Fort McMurray, Alta., student is the first Canadian to win the $500,000 Cdn international Breakthrough Junior Challenge, a prize that includes a scholarship and new science lab for her school. September 10, 2020 – San Francisco – The Breakthrough Prize Foundation today announced the esteemed recipients of the 2021 Breakthrough Prize, recognizing a spectacular array of groundbreaking achievements in the Life Sciences, Fundamental Physics and Mathematics. – Breakthrough Prizes – Breakthrough Junior Challenge – Breakthrough Initiatives This thread has been flaired as [Serious].Please be aware that this marks it as a place for serious discussion only and that any unserious content in this thread will be met with infraction point(s).If your comment does not contribute to the discussion in a serious manner it will be removed. Each year, the Prize is celebrated at a gala award ceremony, where the awards are presented by superstars of … Maryam Tsegaye, a 17-year-old student at École McTavish Public High School, was named the winner of the Breakthrough Prize Foundation's sixth annual Breakthrough Junior Challenge. The Breakthrough Junior Challenge is an annual challenge that invites students, ages 13-18, to share their passion for math and science with the world! Breakthrough Prize Opens Public Nominations For Its 2022 Prizes In Fundamental Physics, Life Sciences & Mathematics. As scientists around the world race to find a treatment for the coronavirus, a young girl among them stands out. Inaugural Winners Of Breakthrough Filmmakers Challenge Announced Angelika Amon, Winner Of The 2019 Breakthrough Prize In Life Sciences, Passes Away. The Breakthrough Junior Challenge is an annual competition for students, ages 13-18, to share their passion for math and science with the world!
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