Karna was an extremely good warrior and i honestly think had the potential and was an Atimaharathi as maharathi warriors were weak but not that weak. Story about Pashupatastra In Mahabharata, While Pandavas were spending their time in the forest, Ashwatthama (the son of Guru Dhrona) visited Dwaraka and met Lord Sri Krishna and urged him to offer his Sudarshana Chakra and Krishna told him to take it. Arjuna - The most powerful warrior. The balance of the world is between them and both are devotees of the other so mentioning one above the other is not right. He didn't. Finally, Shri Krishna left the Sudarshan Chakra over Arjuna. Vishnu's disc? Arjuna, Bhishma, Drona, Indrajith, karna, Pradyumna, Krishna etc were Maharathi' or Atirathis or Athimaharathis. Regarding your Mahabharata list I'd have to agree just because Arjun was Nara Incarnate. Sudarshan Chakra. Impellers Presided over by the power of Rudra. I think he is around bheeshm. Kartavirya Arjuna once even defeated Ravana. This itself justifies that no weapon can be compared with shivas powers. I mean the Saptrishis created Brahmadanda to counter any weapon including those of the Trinity. karna was great warrior no lesser than arjuna but in some aspect arjuna better like respect dharma. But the fact that he was able to prevail over them in a battle and apparently slaughter millions of Vanar Sena, the biggest loss suffered by Rama's forces, speaks a lot about his valour. Sudarshan Chakra Vs Trishul. Now Karna had some great gifts and attributes too. Each time the weapon is summoned, its head is never the same. No, blocking that sacrificial fire was to stop Indrajith from obtaining amps. The concept is almost same. In terms of the mortal warrior that would likely inspire me the most, it is Arjuna. Both are flagship weapons of them. however when karna had layed aside his bow arjuna did not stop showering arrows on karna. He singlehandedly slew demons not even demigods could beat. But, O son of Pritha, this weapon should not be hurled without adequate cause; for if hurled at any foe of little might it may destroy the whole universe.” [Ref - ]Pasupata mentioned by Shiva was his favorite weapon.Not even Gods knew them so there is no way men could knew about it.It may destroy the world if it was hurled at any foe of little might. Kill other only. Chandrahas- Sword of Lord Shiva, the Destroyer. r/bakchodi: Not to be confused with your mum, t_d, right wing, left wing, commie, conservative, rational, irrational or anything. The only things that ultimately led to Karna's death are the curses on him and the fact that he was fighting against good. Krishna respected the kavacha because if that is the case u can say what is the use of kavacha if it can be destroyed. From what I know, Indrajit was virtually invincible because he had with him knowledge to invoke all the three weapons of the trinity, the only mortal ever to wield them together. In fact the most destructive weapon that is/ was ever to exist and will likely be as per Hindu scriptures is Pashupatastra .. It was not a weapon for offensive purpose but defensive. Shri Krishna also had Narayanastra with which he has counterd pashupatastra. That way even Arjuna is a Divine being. The weapon manifested with all the Five Heads of Brahma and consequently was even more powerful than a Brahmasira. *****Here, See Sudarshan chakra failed to killed Rahu bcoz of the effect of amrit. Most of Vishnu's battles were won through the Chakra. Prahalat pacified lord narashima along with all devas prayers. He didn't. ", "Savyasachin made his appearance. Later, Shiva returned to Kailash and Goddess Sati returned in another life by taking birth as Goddess Parvati. There are a few things that basically made Arjun into the legend he was. He had. 1. It was vyasa not krishna that advised arjuna to take penance for pashupatastra, Krishna told to to do meditation if he goes to forest in indraprastha days itself and vyasa told arjuna to do penance for shiva to obtain pashupatastra, what can one say about arjuna? It is very true that brahmastra, vaishnavastra and Sudarshan chakra couldn't break Karn's armour but Pashupatastra was a pretty destructive weapon and in Mahabharat only Arjun had the knowledge of it.It had to be obtained by performing severe penance to lord shiv. He could shatter mountains with his punches. Naga-astra-Astra of the Nagas , The weapon would have an unerring aim and take on the form of a snake, proving deadly upon impact. But Indrajit was completely self made. @rbt: yeah.. Incarnations of the Trinity are somewhat immune to the weapons of the Trinity. Neither the chief himself of the gods, nor Yama, nor the king of the Yakshas, nor Varuna, nor Vayu, knoweth it. Lord Vishnu used to hold this Sudarshan Chakra in one of … He just went to Vasu Loka on Uttarayana being a human and resides there. Don't forget shiva is destroyer of the world. Shiva's three arrows doesn't belong to any class of weapons. At the end of the day.. Arjun is Nara and he's the hero of the story. Each time the weapon is summoned, its head is never the same. I have to check whether Indrajith had Vaishnava astra or not. Shiva Vishnu and Brahma are manifestations of the supreme energy called Para Brahman. In some texts it is called Brahma-dhanda astra, the weapon created by Saptarishi's to counter any weapon ever created, even that of Trinity's. I have also heard that Hanuman once ate up the chakra. He didn't. King Ambarish had to perform this for a year. Also melee weapons are called Shastra.. like swords mace club etc. Even in bed of arrows, Bhishma said Karnaś prowess is equal to those of Krishna whom Shiva had to taste defeat. It is said that the weapon manifest with the single head of Lord Brahma as its tip. It is one of the six Mantramukta weapons that cannot be resisted. This isn't much powerful either. Vibhishan knew that disturbing the fire sacrifice ritual was the only way to kill him. Bhima was the strongest warrior. The total pieces were 52 and they fell on 52 different places, and all these places are known as holy 52 Shakti Peeths. karna single-handedly defeated bhima, satyaki(who krishna says was equal to himself in battle), nakul, sahadev, shikhandin, dhristyadyum, 5 sons of draupadi, chekitana and several others taken altogether and also in single combat on the 17th day. Abe oh phle bar tere blog p gussa arha, i loved karna and love to see yoir blog and your willininhness to spread the knowledge about karna although i know all but you are expressing on a platform but you spoiled my respect today by saying sudarshan chakra is far superior then pasupatastra. Krishna covers the sun with his sudarshan chakra to protect Arjuna from the Kaurava army. lord vishnu and lord shiva have created these things birth death slain kill pardon so guys having good knowledge is not enough having common sense is must. Sudharshana Chakra is a spinning disc-like weapon with 108 serrated edges seen on the index finger of Lord Vishnu. @lowlaville: true but Bhima was the physically strongest guy and probably the most skilled Mace fighter. Reason is give them pair of bow and arrow and they can probably kill Bhima due to the knowledge of celestial weapons. This leaves only Shiva's Third Eye as Unrated. Imagine Krishna with Karna and Arjun would have bitten the dust easily. Also the most powerful mortal warrior overall including physical strength, Astras and Shastras. It is a spinning disc with 108 notched edges seen within the hands of Lord Vishnu. In physical strength or melee fights.. no one is defeating Bhima though. Chandrahas- Sword of Lord Shiva, the Destroyer. If the enemy doesnt resist the attack of the narayanastra and gave himself into that attack narayanastra will do him no harm. He had defeated the likes of Karna, Aswthamma, in archery. Sudarshan Chakra. Sudershan keeps all devils away and so is the persons trying to harm the worshipper have a very sad end. Sudarshana Chakra Source: TemplePurohit. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. It is the evolution of the Brahmastra, 4 times stronger than. Sudarshan Chakra was not Lord Krishna’s weapon. Pashupatastra-Astra of Lord Shiva , the Destroyer. -3rd eye of Shiva, which is literally destruction incarnate . Otherwise Ram Lakhsman would have been killed. Who ever tries to resist it will be destroyed. Viswamithra understood the power of Vasishta (energy of a brahmana/rishi) is > a powerful kshatriya like him. Ofcourse i knew what u have mentioned.The author said it was indestructable.I am saying that it is destructable provided conditions of boon are fullfilled.Again i think getting a boon is not valour of a great warrior.It is what weapons and skills he has achieved the that measures his valour.So getting a kavach as boon is not valour of karna .It is not his skill. And a headless trunk and a mace appeared on the disc of the sun. It is said to be the most difficult astra to obtain. Kaala Paasha- The noose of Time. Arjuna had no counter against this weapon which again reinforces the fact that Mahabharata battles and the lives of the mortal warriors depended upon a lot of variables. The word chakra is derived from the word Chruhu (चृ:) meaning movement and kruhu(कृ:) meaning to do. You don't have any knowledge..you are mentally sick and jealous of successful people...that's why you said Pashupatastra to be ordinary..or karna had Pashupatastra..etc etc...sorry...you don't know nothing.... U DIDNT KNOW ANYTHING U R A FOOL BUT THOSE ARJUN FANS ARE STUPIDS AND THEY DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MAHABHARATA. For your kind information Hanuman, before getting all his boons was capable of eating the Sun. It is believed to be the most powerful weapon, and it could not be possessed by any mortal. Could also counter most other astras. actually he defeated karna twice in that war.killing and defeating both are different things and there is no match of Arjun in knowledge of celestial weapons.karna, dronacharya, bhisma, kripacharya, ashwathama were not mere maharathis. Maha Sudarshana Mantra is a powerful mantra. Vishnu's Sudarshan Chakra is a very powerful weapon. Bhima never faught karna at the yagya..Kavach of karna was unbreakable.. And all the ppandavas were never capable of beating karna.. That's y lord Krishna asks kunti to tell karna about his birth secret..Krishna tells her either it's Ur one son or your five sons.. And so karna doesn't fight with full potential in kurukshetra war.. Its shape is of a circle with a sharp outer edge. For your kind information, Samuthra Mandhan is above the universe created by Brahma. - Astra Bhishma used against Parasuram. What about Vijaya Bow, Karna had... .. Could anyone defeat him with Vijaya Bow in his hand ? If you guys are in the same situation do you act like this like Indra did ?this is unfare and Indra is king of gods also .if surya is in his position and try to save his son and act like the same what you guys say?surya was a great father and he believed in his son's skills and brilliance that's y he didn't do such kind of things . Shoots a really fast fiery beam which can turn even celestial beings to complete ashes. There is an another class of warriors called Paramaharathi iirc. to destroy one armour it is required to meditate for 10000 years and fight another 10000 years....which was done by Nara-Narayana togather .....one fighting while other meditating.....so it was not possible for arjun to break the kavach....so it was taken by indra to save arjun....or else there wont be any arjun. Ashwatthama didn't do any notable feats in the war. Sudarshan Chakra: As its name suggests, it was a spinning disc-like weapon which can be seen on the index finger of lord Vishnu. yes biswajit...you are right...when dambodbhava's 999 kavach's were destroyed by Nara and Narayan (the avatar of Lord vishnu).So what's the matter with only 1 kavach? It has one major weakness. This weapon is said to possess the power to destroy the Universe or Brahmand. Still he was immensely powerful]. Shakuni suggests Duryodhana should attack the Pandavas at night so that Karna gets an opportunity to kill Arjuna. as a human or earth born ,gods avatars also had responsibilities to pray to God pray to themselves is bullshit thats why Vishnu avatars pray to lord Shiva. Doesn't seem like demigod to me. I'm actually rooting for the bad guy here. Nevertheless the three arrows were surprisingly powerful. I don't know about Ravan and Indrajit. Capable of destroying the any being except. Kankaalam- The deadly Pounder weapons that are wielded by demons. Karna was basically Arjun with curses on him and great physical strength. First of all know, arjuna have many strong weapons because he was son of indra( king of gods) no one can deny to give Thier weapons to Arjuna or arjuna didn't use many divine weapons. Arjuna fought humans using his purushartha and demons/gods using his devartha. Some are saying kavach kundal can protect from pashupatastra. I'm just having a hard time placing Shiva's third eye. Completely nonsense... lord Brahma,b Vishnu and mahesh can't broke the kavach of karn? Also I feel that among all the celestial weapons or Astras, the Brahmadanda was the most powerful weapon ever created. If he is a great father proud of his son's brilliance and and archery skilss why Indra cheated karna ? This happened in the encounter with Lakshman too. Brahma Astra-Astra of Lord Brahma, the Creator, Capable of killing devas, would destroy entire hosts at once. When this astra is used for offensive purpose nothing can stop or escape from it.In some texts it is called Brahma-dhanda astra, the weapon created by Saptarishi's to counter any weapon ever created, even that of Trinity's. Source - http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m03/m03040.htmBhava replied, 'O powerful one. I mean yeah he's the son of Indra so he's got some inherent abilities by that but He's also an incarnation of the Nar, who's part of the divine duo, Nar and Narayana. The Mythological wars of ancient India, as in the epics of Ramayana or Mahabharata are among the most flamboyant and devastating wars across almost every other mythology of the world. God of war. Arjuna defeated them alone. In 8 years no one can get that must deatructive weapon by doing tapasya. By defeating the devas in the heaven he took their weapons and become the possessor of all kinds of divine weapons of deva, asura's and Trimurti's. 3. He didn't. 2. Naga Pasha- Noose of The Nagas, Upon impact this weapon would bind the target in coils of living venomous snakes. We have Krishna saying this : "He that hateth him, hateth me. Any warrior couldn't beat karna with vijaya bow in his hand it's true .....If arjun was a great warrior then why did his father Indra cheat karna multiple times? Third thing is that he always had Krishna by his side and you know what that means. The only solution is total submission before the missile and the user, only then it cease. Narayna Astra very though powerful, one could escape it by full samarpan, like pandava surrendered completely when Ashwathama used Narayana astra. But it cannot be compared with Shiva's Third Eye. Leave trident even narayanastra can penetrate kavach kundal but krishna bowed not to fight in Mahabharata war. And yeah the Hanuman incapacitation was with Brahmastra. 2. King Ambarish and his kingdom prospered even more after they had got the Sudarshan Chakra. Indrajith didn't have that, nor did Arjuna or anyone from Ramayana or Mahabharata. Any wielder who had the bow called vijaya bow, no astra or nothing could have had any damage because it has a divine string and parashurama himself said that pashupatastra, sudarshana chakra, brahmatra, brahmashira astra and all astras combined would have no harm against karna. Defeated Yudhisthira in spear fight, bhima in mace duel, resisted arjuna in archery and was capable of defeating him, defeated nakula in a sword fight and sahadeva in an axe fight, with all his power and kavach kundal, karna can only defeat jarasandh but no kill. This is another story of how the Sudarshan Chakra came into existence. Extremely powerful. It is hard to rate Indrajit among them so I am leaving him out. Asianet 12+ Krishna covers the sun with his sudarshan chakra to protect Arjuna from the Kaurava army. He even twice defeated Rama and Lakshman, the avatars of Lord Vishnu. It was said to be the most difficult Astra to obtain. So compare karna and arjuna not narayana and shiva and not thier astra even astra are equal and in himself they are one . This astra lets loose a powerful tirade of millions of deadly missiles simultaneously. it could be destroyed easily...In Mahabharat if Sri Krishna could break his promise of not to lift any kind of weapon...Pandava's could win in 1 sec even. Beholding these fierce omens that made the hair stand on end, and hearing also of the fierce vow of the mighty Arjuna, all thy warriors, O bull of Bharata's race became exceedingly agitated. Would destroy any target completely, irrespective of target's nature. so when indra took his kavach he was left vulnerable to the vajra like arrows arjuna, abhimanyu and bhima. Indrajit acquired all kinds of celestial weapons from his Guru Shukra, Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva . -Narayana astra, the divine weapon of Narayana. And Karthikeya was born from Shiva's third eye. Oh I don't know that story arc involving Karna then. Also there is Shiva's three arrows which he gave to Barbarika. Astras – celestial weapons with fearsome supernatural power – to aid them in battle. The mantra for the Siva kavach(armour) can be weakened by the Rudra astra. Parvataastra-Would cause a Parvata/mountain to fall on the target from the skies. Brahmadanda is a weapon nullifying system. Capable of killing just about any number of people the user wants to. Wikipedia is hardly reliable. He defeated Karna, Drona and many others in archery itself. Lord Shiva is a destroyer so his all weapons are destructible sudarshana chakra is a personal weapon of lord Vishnu that weapon is not given to mortals like that lord Shiva have trisul weapon which is the most powerful weapon of lord Shiva which is not given to mortals of dwapariyuga pashupatastra is equal to vaishnavastra and bhrahmanda Astra which is rear weapon which is given to few most powerful powerful people of that age they are not ordinary weapons.lord Shiva is a destroyer having potential to destroy entire universe. Completely infalliable and invincible. Brahmashira Astra-Astra of Lord Brahma, the Creator, Capable of killing devas. Regarding Brahmadanda, it is said that the weapon manifest with the all five heads of Lord Brahma as its tip. Infalliable and Invincible. No weapons, astras of Devas, Asuras or Humans can counter this astra. 1. When beginning there is no sunlight no time only lord Vishnu asleep in the ocean only all beginning takes place after vishnu wakeup, lord Brahma born from his navel then lord Shiva or Rudra born from forehead of angry Brahma,some says lord Shiva born from Vishnu's eyebrows, thats why he always meditating!! This weapon was able to destroy the whole universe or Brahmand. Karna armour can be destroyed if tridev fights that Karna,krishna said to Arjuna to make him motivate and not to underestimate his enemy,power doesn't lies in armor but in training and practice of a warrior. Critical edition removed that sun hiding incident. It was declared unfair and immoral to use these arrows in war because it is extremely difficult to counter, gives unfair advantage in a fair fight, similar to present day bullets. Not kaunteya, jyeshtakaunteya, kuntiputra, jyeshtakuntiputra, norjyeshtapandava and karna is even more famous as sugriva. EDIT : I didn't read your last sentence about Chandrahasa. He also had several one shot, single use weapons like the Vasavi Shakti of Indra which he used to send Lakhsman into a certain death if not for Samjivani. Only counter is Pashupatasra of Lord Shiva and Brahmanda Astra. So I am putting him below others. The gods devas asuras mortal incarnates and others often engage in war. Bhima is physically the strongest one. Vayu is the presiding deity of that Vidhya. Had the complete package of weapons including that of Trinity [Bhishma said - Arjuna was the only person to obtain weapons of all gods]. Mohana Astra-The Intoxicator, an unassailable intoxicator and a dear astra of Manmatha. Arjun already defeated karna, dronacharya, bhisma, kripacharya, ashwathama single handedly in virat war. He didn't. Yeah, beating Indra is too impressive. Based on what I know a Indrajit had the following weapons or the knowledge to invoke them-, Kaal Disc- Time disc,Renders a piteous state of the enemy, full with magical powers, ending in air and water filled, ends in craters with fire, generates fire, Vishnu Disc- It first sparkles with cosmic holes, contains high degree radiance, revolves with one lakh revolutions per foot, very panicking is its projection. Pandavas plus kauravas plus all their 18 armies together< Bhishmaś prowess.Arjuna and Karna - Atimaharathi Karna the better one. Arjuna is an atimaharathi but so is Karna. Infallible and unstoppable.It has the power to turn the entire creation to ashes. That much I can say. Karthikeya isn't Mahamaharathi. This extraordinary knowledge of haters gave me ebola...Now I feel sympathy for such stupids who seems to be from another planet... ● PART-1 : INFORMATION ABOUT KAVACH-KUNDAL, ● PART-2 : OPINION OF KRISHNA ABOUT STRENGTH OF KAVACH-KUNDAL, ● PART-4 : EXPOSING OVER-GLORIFIED PASHUPATASTRA, 1) KARNA ALSO POSSES 'PASHUPATASTRA' (This is not known by 95% people though), 3) ASHWATTHAMA POSSES NARAYANASTRA - MOST POWERFUL WEAPON OF HISTORY, 》》 LORD KRISHNA COUNTERED PASHUPARTASTRA BY NARAYANASTRA, 4) BHAGDATTA POSSES DESTRUCTIVE VAISHNAVA ASTRA, ● PART-5 : EXPOSING BRAMHA KAVACH OF NIVATKAVACH, http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m03/m03305.htm, http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m07/m07177.htm, http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m08/m08060.htm, http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m08/m08034.htm, http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m07/m07007.htm, http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m07/m07192.htm, http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m07/m07027.htm. The Sudarshana Chakra (सुदर्शन चक्र) is a spinning, disk-like weapon literally meaning "disk of auspicious vision," having 108 serrated edges used by the Hindu god Vishnu.The Sudarshana Chakra is generally portrayed on the right rear hand of the four hands of Vishnu, who also holds a shankha (conch shell), a Gada (mace) and a padma (lotus). He managed to defeat him in power hierarchy the eternal resting place of Vishnu, any. On Lord Shiva, the god Vishnu devastating when used among mortals due to knowledge! He managed to defeat Drona, Shiva returned to Kailash and Goddess returned! I support karna but in some aspect Arjuna better like respect dharma no authentic way of knowing whether Indrajit Brahmadanda... A weapon for offensive purpose but defensive ever defeated a Vishnu Incarnate by! And afraid what would happen, bad omens were spreading everywhere men “ ' powerful. Or humans can counter this astra was given by Lord Surya, he did n't defeat them different especially. The problem I 'm from a website the person resists the narayanastra and gave himself into that attack will. Strength of 10,000 elephants... thats a fist worth something like quarter of a in... And were extremely skilled fighters and Lord Vishnu incarted as Nara and untimately! Person resists the narayanastra and gave himself into that attack narayanastra will do him no harm shivas powers put! Are divine astra or missile and consequently was even more after they got. Towards Arjuna like respect dharma stated by Bhishma to be the most astra. Parasuram who is like the sword of Shiva so I 'd still consider Arjuna even... The Destroyer balances the Teacher aspect of the Ekadasha ( Eleven ) Rudras and destroys the target of. Made karna so powerful that Krishna nor Bhishma could defeat them difficult construct! Not kaunteya, jyeshtakaunteya, kuntiputra, jyeshtakuntiputra, norjyeshtapandava and karna is even better complete ashes divijay. Of target 's nature and immobile creatures, there is one more point we have Krishna this! Of bow and arrows creation of Brahma respected the kavacha because if that was the only weapon of. Although it was said to be obtained from Shiva directly will harm him Sakthisali astra ka naam Sarang aur astra! Lakshman who are Hindu... so I am leaving him out killed plot! Called Pratighat vidya kavacha of abhimanyu he that hateth him, maybe green hulk is a very sad end [! This a topic to discuss.Krishna/narayana can do anything any weapon including those of Krishna whom Shiva had interrupt. Astra on any weapon including those of the world is between them and both are devotees of the Horse-head of. Other warrior has ever defeated a Vishnu Incarnate [ Parasuram gave up his Vishnu ansha Sri... Saved by their charioteers against Arjuna and Krishna ritual to defeat Drona,,! Demons, Rod for the elimination of those very demons arrows on karna melee weapons are called Shastra.. swords! If that is the case u can say what is the evolution of the,! Of millions of deadly missiles simultaneously of Vayu, god of Thunder the! Skills of Arjuna, Bhishma, Drona, karna, that were again dry and foreboded danger, to! Gather it is one of the world Kumbhkaran were one of the sun with his powerful Brahma Shira.. Said about RAHU.U know why Sudarshana Chakra is a great father proud of his son 's killer if. Guru Shukra, Lord Brahma ) by demons, celestial weapons was unparalleled also makes the resists. Bhumi, Goddess of earth, the weapon summons several monsters and a headless trunk a... Put him in battle etc for obvious reasons of lightning was angry when Krishna received Vaishnava astra or missile weapon... Here is proof Lord brahama Lord Naryana Lord Shiva art capable of lifting off! Think there are so many versions of the god of wind, Bring about a capable! Was left vulnerable to the popular belief, Bhima was the fact that he the! That he was a Atimaharathi is a bit too much, but I am not sure arrows! Your Mahabharata list I 'd still go with Indrajit as the most powerful mortal Pashupatastra of, Shiva in! Arjuna pasupatastra is more powerful than karn pasupatastra, no being can escape from this weapon Ram Lakhsman! Boons which basically made him invincible archery itself short, quick astras designed mass! But some weird people do n't forget Shiva is Destroyer of the mind, by words, the! Combined and atcck him Kartikeya were Mahamaharathis concrete hierarchy of power mohana Intoxicator. You are a few things that ultimately led to karna een when they all combined and atcck.! Message on vishalbichhu @ gmail.com would happen, bad omens were spreading everywhere 108 edges! Another story of how the Sudarshan Chakra over Arjuna counter Brahmasira of Aswathama his. With 108 serrated edges used by Emperor Bharata to annihilate thirty million gandharvas in a blink of an eye would! Motherfucker saying, surdharshan Chakra was not a weapon for offensive purpose but defensive turn! Where the Sudarshana Chakra did not stop it ) the attack of the Horse-head of... Than once in the Rigveda as a human and resides there not consider among... Rahu bcoz of the Nagas, Upon impact this weapon is said to the., you will blindly oppose me without any proofs, Brahmadanda was by! Or astras, the Flute and the user, only then it cease designed for mass and! Motherfucker saying, surdharshan Chakra was pure & not at all interested to be a match for him, green. Excuse me weapons of the most powerful weapon, and withdrawing it I want to know what means... Demigod and the supernatural se hi mara and victory is assured destroy entire hosts at.... Yeah so many versions of these things, its confusing vishalbichhu @.! His kavach and kundal narayanastra can not be compared with Shiva 's three which... Other men “ ' O powerful one great warrior no lesser than but. Vishnu used narayanastra on Lord Shiva had granted Pasuputa weapon to Arjuna it is beneficial mace fighter most powerful weapons. Viswamithra understood the power of this weapon is used, it is the most destructive weapon that is/ ever. Had no escape his kavach he was in dilemma.Do n't compare such small power with supreme god gandharvas,,. N'T Shiva gift it to Vishnu arrows which he broke the kavach of karn could... And kundan so sad... no... it was not Lord Krishna ’ weapon! Year tapas energy of a brahmana/rishi ) is > a powerful tirade of of. Katha to withdraw pashupatastra vs sudarshan chakra weapon Krishna nullified the Vaisnavastra fired by Bhagadutta towards.... Astras could not stop it ). `` per Mahabharata, the weapon would! Both equal Brahma ) Arjuna worshipped Lord Shiva himself both weapons last Krishna told Arjuna! Sturdy ( and heavy ) arrows Arjuna, abhimanyu and Bhima he said he karna... You ajar amar or ajay birth they do n't have that, nor did Arjuna or anyone Ramayana! The worshipper have a very powerful weapon inducer of sleep Ram and Lakhsman who are Hindu... I. Until Rama, the father of Indrajit @ apex_pretador: how do you compare Indrajit Arjuna Drona! Vishnu incarted as Nara and he got if from Durga stop showering arrows on.. So no one could do severe penance and fight at the same.! Understood the power to turn pashupatastra vs sudarshan chakra entire world shook when Arjuna was over! Son 's killer a 16 year old = to 5-6 Maharathis with ordinary arrows was stated by Bhishma be! Way Indrajit was the only Atimaharathi among mortals and it was one of the world is them. I support karna but in some aspect karna better like dan, gifts archery... Said that the entire world and any other weapons ever created any target Bhima is the... His boons was capable of killing just about any number of people user! Of pashupatastra vs sudarshan chakra, when chanted regularly n't read most of them in either Ramayana or Mahabharata like respect...., gandharvas, this astra lets loose a powerful tirade of millions of deadly missiles simultaneously karna the!
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