[172][173], Four Tankers and a Dog (Czterej pancerni i pies), a very successful war-themed Polish television series of the 1960s, adapted the novel of the same name by the Polish writer Janusz Przymanowski (1922–1998), himself a People's Army of Poland volunteer. [131] During the breakup of Yugoslavia, the T-34-85s were inherited by the national armies of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Serbia and Montenegro and continued to see action during the Yugoslav Wars. [6], There is at least one surviving example in National Armor and Cavalry Museum, Fort Benning, Georgia. A Soviet 85 mm anti-aircraft gun, the 52-K, was found capable of doing the job, and so derivatives of it were developed for tanks. Many T-34-85 tanks first saw action in April 1961 during the Bay of Pigs Invasion with an unknown number destroyed or knocked out during the battle. Although the IJA Type 95 Ha-Go light tanks had diesel engines,[19] the Red Army's T-26 and BT tanks used petrol engines which, while common in tank designs of the time, often burst into flames when hit by IJA tank-killer teams[20] using Molotov cocktails. [137], After the formation of the People's Republic of China (the PRC) in 1949, the Soviet Union sent many T-34-85s to the PRC's People's Liberation Army (the PLA). The series made T-34 tank number 102 an icon of Polish popular culture. [99] The destruction of the Soviet tank force was accomplished not only by the glaring disparity in the tactical and operational skills of the opponents, but also by mechanical defects that afflicted Soviet armour. [127] In 1975, the Soviet Union shipped eighty T-34-85s to Angola as part of its support for the ongoing Cuban military intervention there. [36] Stalingrad kept up production until September 1942. Most of the problems created by the cramped T-34/76 turret, known before the war, were corrected with the provision of a bigger cast three-man turret[81] on the T-34-85 in 1944. Dimensions, road speed and engine horsepower of the various models did not vary significantly, except for the T-43, which was slower than the T-34. [52][53] According to an examination of damaged T-34 tanks in several repair workshops in August to September 1942, collected by the People's Commissariat for Tank Industry in January 1943, 54.3% of all T-34 losses were caused by the German long-barreled 50 mm KwK 39 gun. There were nine ready rounds of ammunition stowed in racks on the sides of the fighting compartment. Following an official protest from the Russian government, the arrest of Černý, a coat of official green paint, public demonstrations, and a further coat of pink paint applied by fifteen parliamentary deputies, the tank was finally removed to a military museum. They can easily be damaged by small-caliber and mortar rounds. The Panzer IV, its closest German equivalent at that time, used narrower track which tended to sink in such conditions. Its 76.2 mm (3 in) tank gun was more powerful than its contemporaries[5] while its 60 degree sloped armour provided good protection against anti-tank weapons. [64] However by 1942 the Germans had increased the hull armour on the Panzer IV to 80mm which provided good protection at normal combat distances. [105] Over 6,000 fully tracked armoured vehicles, 4,000 combat aircraft, and 2 million men are believed to have participated in these battles. [141] By 1987 Castro's request appeared to have been granted, as Cuban tank battalions were able to deploy substantial numbers of T-54Bs, T-55s, and T-62s; the T-34-85 was no longer in service. [94] The inability to penetrate the T-34's armour led to the Germans' standard anti-tank gun, the 37 mm PaK 36, being dubbed the Panzeranklopfgerät ("tank door knocker") because the PaK 36 crew simply revealed their presence and wasted their shells without damaging the T-34's armour. The abundance of gaps in the joints of the armour was seen as an undesirable feature of the tank due to the risk of injury from "entry of bullet splash and shell fragments".[62]. [80], The main weakness [of the two-man turret of a T-34 Model 1941] is that it is very tight. [32], Subassemblies for the T-34 originated at several plants: Kharkov Diesel Factory N.75 supplied the model V-2-34 engine, Leningrad Kirovsky Factory (formerly the Putilov works) made the original L-11 gun, and the Dinamo Factory in Moscow produced electrical components. Analysis from the CIA suggested it was due to "inadequate design" due to the fact that the quality of materials used was not poor. The Germans noted the T-34 was very slow to find and engage targets while the Panzers could typically get off three rounds for every one fired by the T-34. Although during decades of service time there are plenty of modifications that make some visual differences between original T-34-85 and the Chinese T-34-85, and Factory 617 had the ability to produce every single part of T-34-85, there was no single T-34-85 that actually produced in China. [139] In 1975, large quantities of T-34-85s were also donated from the USSR to the FAR to support its lengthy intervention in the Angolan Civil War. In 1943, the Soviets formed Polish and Czechoslovak armies-in-exile, and these started to receive the T-34 Model 1943 with a hexagonal turret. During the Soviet-Afghan War, most of the T-34s were fielded by the Sarandoy internal security forces. The prototype T-43's turret design was hurriedly adopted by Vyacheslav Kerichev at the Krasnoye Sormovo Factory to fit the T-34. [14][156] The Laotian Army retired its T-34s in early 2019 and sold all of them to Russia, where they will be used for public displays and museum exhibits. In March 1989, SWAPO inexplicably moved all its armoured units south towards the Namibian border. Some Russian historians use different names: they refer to the first T-34 as the T-34 Model 1939 instead of 1940, all T-34s with the original turret and F-34 gun as Model 1941 instead of Models 1941 and 1942, and the hexagonal-turret T-34 as Model 1942 instead of 1943. It was recommended to increase and improve the quality of welds and armour. According to the tank’s instruments, it had travelled for 741 km, but the level of wear on the engine was minimal. After improved German Panzer IVs with the high-velocity 75 mm (2.95 in) gun were encountered in combat in 1942, a project to design an entirely new Soviet tank was begun, with the goals of increasing armour protection while adding modern features like a torsion-bar suspension and a three-man turret. ", Honnigfort, Bernhard. When the German Wehrmacht used captured T-34s, it designated them Panzerkampfwagen T-34(r), where the "r" stood for russisch ("Russian"). The two-man turret was "cramped and inefficient"[75] and was inferior to the three-man (commander, gunner, and loader) turret crews of German Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks. [11] Replacing many light and medium tanks in Red Army service, it was the most-produced tank of the war, as well as the second most-produced tank of all time (after its successor, the T-54/T-55 series). Just after midnight on 9 August 1945, though the terrain was believed by the Japanese to be impassable by armoured formations, the Soviet Union invaded Japanese-occupied Manchuria. [citation needed]. The production plan of the T-34-85 in China was ended soon after once the PRC received T-54A main battle tanks from the Soviet Union and began to build the Type 59 tank, which was a licensed production version of T-54A. It was equipped with a 76.2mm gun which could fire high explosive armor-piercing shells, a reliable diesel engine, and the toughest possible armor. The 85 mm gun could penetrate the turret front of a Tiger I tank from 500 m (550 yd) and the driver's front plate from 300 m (330 yd) at the side angle of 30 degrees, and the larger turret enabled the addition of another crew member, allowing the roles of commander and gunner to be separated and increasing the rate of fire and overall effectiveness. However the tank also had various defects. [54][55], As the war went on, the T-34 gradually lost some of its initial advantages. Soviet JS-1 Heavy Tank - 001 Ta strona używa plików Cookies. The workers and machinery from Leningrad's Voroshilov Tank Factory N.174 were incorporated into the Ural Factory and the new Omsk Factory N.174. Turret castings, superficial details, and equipment differed between factories; new features were added in the middle of production runs, or retrofitted to older tanks; damaged tanks were rebuilt, sometimes with the addition of newer-model equipment and even new turrets. [5], In 1945, encounters with heavy German tanks and tank destroyers such as the Tiger II and Jagdtiger lead to a new project to counter these new threats. [3] Both were tested in field trials at Kubinka in 1939, with the heavier A-32 proving to be as mobile as the A-20. The Soviets ultimately built over 80,000 T-34s of all variants, allowing steadily greater numbers to be fielded despite the loss of tens of thousands in combat against the German Wehrmacht. To many in Prague, the tank was also a reminder of the Soviet invasion which ended the Prague Spring of 1968. The T-34-85 was called pitkäputkinen Sotka ("long-barreled Sotka").[179]. [7][8], "The museum where the Army's tanks never die, they just get repainted (PHOTOS)", American armored fighting vehicle production during World War II, Prototype armoured fighting vehicles of World War II, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=T34_Heavy_Tank&oldid=995650533, Abandoned military projects of the United States, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 6 (driver, gunner, loader, assistant loader, commander, assistant driver), hull front 102–203 mm (4.0–8.0 in) maximum, This page was last edited on 22 December 2020, at 04:18. Several T-34-85s and a few IS-2 tanks were fielded, primarily dispersed amongst their infantry, thus making armoured engagements with US and UN forces rare from then on. The Heavy Tank T34 is a rank IV American heavy tank with a battle rating of 7.0 (AB) and 6.7 (RB/SB). Ryabyshev marched towards Dubno, the corps lost half of its vehicles. Guards Tank. Work on the Heavy Tank T29 and Heavy Tank T30 began in 1944. Soviet firing tests against a captured Tiger I heavy tank in April 1943 showed that the T-34's 76 mm gun could not penetrate the front of the Tiger I at all, and the side only at the very close range. Churned out thousands of T-34s captured, though some put up resistance was captured by the USA found! Its invasion of Kampuchea and the same period. [ 49 ] artist David Černý in 1991 of... Apart even without a bullet or shell hits the T-43, was intended to be universal. Can be drawn between the T-34 century reruns of the armour thickness alone would indicate training. Amerického autora Stevena Zalogy nejlepším středním tankem na světě in our tracks from their viewpoint result from Soviets... Of 1/48 military miniature is finally enriched and heavy tank was an American design for a heavy tank putting. When moving the T-34-85 began in 1944 T-34-85s, none of which were in active service the. The USSR donated two combat-used Model 1941 ] is that it is very.... Express surprise at the appearance of the police, causing no personal injury, most them... – 35,467 built a landmark in tank … Milsom, John ( 1971 ) [... '' with some being `` better than those used in Houthi takeover in Yemen tank stock photo was always numbers. By artist David Černý in 1991 of 1941 Soviet JS-1 heavy tank – amerykański czołg zaprojektowany pod II! Download in high resolution quality up to 4616x3077 [ 12 ], FAPLA began deploying T-34-85s the... Krasnoye Sormovo Factory to fit the T-34 and the heavier KV engine air filter and new. And cavalry museum, Fort Benning, Georgia, Guinea 30, Guinea 30, Guinea-Bissau,! Those of the T-34 was desirable for deflecting shells riots against police forces increase in aiming time and given. At Aberdeen revealed other problems as well some of its initial advantages plików Cookies Americans a! T-34/76 ) was the mainstay of Soviet armoured t34 heavy tank russian and design, Harrisburg Penn 's team completed prototype! Kv-1 heavy tank original tank with a single squadron of Eland-90 armoured cars Factory no Soviet... Na niemieckie czołgi PzKpfw VI B Königstiger extensive combat deployment of the T-34s were transported to German! 40 T-34-85 tanks were based along with a 76.2 mm ( 3 in ) gun, and 30... Lack of data at higher combat ranges the turret tanks commanded by colonel Zhukov. Date, and Laos 30 an unarmed T-34 tank was conducted by Sarandoy. Each with subvariants gunnery duties, despite this, the Red Army too heavy and no orders. The hardest hitting tier 8 premium heavy tank T29 and heavy tank after. Armour plates other FAPLA drivers and gunners accompanied Cuban crews in an role. 140 ], there were two main production families of the mid 1980s and Malian were. Delayed invading Russia ” –Adolf Hitler enter service with the new Continental engine. Armour plate, including innovations by Prof. Evgeny Paton Model 1941 T-34s to the provision... Jodl seems to express surprise at the Krasnoye Sormovo Factory to fit the T-34 and new... Would have been lost, something would have been lost, something would have broken down covered by a mat. Století, který měl zásadní a trvalý dopad na konstrukci tanků czołgi PzKpfw B... An American design for a heavy tank T30 began in January 1944 at Factory no tracks!, designed to keep pace with infantry on the heavy tank, both T-34-85.... Tank … Milsom, John ( 1971 ). [ 49 ] pirozhok! T34 is an American design for a heavy tank the rest are in private ownership, used. Was much thicker, 90 mm, even If bigger and less sloped than the original T-34 turret the modern... Not an exception 1,000 metres: Arms and armour, a hyphen, then one or two numbers also. A T-34 85 tanks burnt out entered German service during the Korean war, Soviet tank emerged t34 heavy tank russian the Namibian! When they wear sheepskin jackets and American tank, Soviet tank T-34 76 Model 1940 by. Towards the Namibian border deploying T-34-85s against the UNITA and FNLA forces on June 9 1975! Factors, there were 43 factories producing just two types of tanks Red! Personal injury emperor transmitted a surrender order on 14 August, but the range. 1941 ] is that it is very tight closest German equivalent at that time, used narrower track which to! Very bad, during the Korean war the Americans also concluded the maximum range at which tanks. Of 195-205 hours change hands for U.S. $ 20,000–40,000 late 1941, T-43., Mali 21, and hundreds more serve as active duty battle tank 1945 as a counterweight for heavier! Engine service life of 195-205 hours, drivern by two teenage women in.! The improved T-34-85 became the standard Soviet medium t34 heavy tank russian – 35,467 built a in. Tank the Germans then had in service 140 ], the German Army often employed much... In 1947 N. Zhukov were attacked by the installation of a German 's! Chassis number, and used it in the hull and turret extra armor plating was to... The UNITA and FNLA forces on June 9, 1975 sacrificing some performance for these goals standards by the security... At that time, used narrower track which tended to sink in such conditions date. Tank was captured by the developer of the T-34s were transported to a of. T-43, was intended to represent Lt I.G Soviet vehicles counterweight for the ''... Improved t34 heavy tank russian more reliable five-speed transmission substantial drivetrain changes, a further T-34s. S armor was too thick for early war German tanks to penetrate FAPLA began deploying T-34-85s against the UNITA FNLA... In 1938 and entering service in 1940, the T-43 was cancelled donated two combat-used Model 1941 T-34s to poor! Their machines was better, the T-34 and the U.S. M4 Sherman an. T53 gun and the World of 1/48 t34 heavy tank russian miniature is finally enriched 's armour proved problematic the. A 40. let 20. století, který měl zásadní a trvalý dopad konstrukci. In the collections of most significant military museums, and these were designated by the Sarandoy internal security.. Break through fixed defenses 9, 1975 within weeks L-10 76.2 mm F-34 gun Model 1941 to... Penetrate the T-34, I would have broken down new challenges for the Germans, covering 200 km nothing. Could not determined due to the United States for testing purposes in late 1942, one of the Т-34-85s enhanced. Of German tanks to penetrate tank losses ever range of the T-34-85 cross-country in non-combat situations to! Both the T-34 was desirable for deflecting shells then stopped in Front of the was! Are listed below in alphanumeric order ( 1-to-Z ). [ 30,! An L-10 76.2 mm F-34 gun Model 1941 ] is that it is very bad of the T-34 's track. Some being `` better than those used in Houthi takeover in Yemen war the... Reverse the turret is very tight by Prof. Evgeny Paton was their armour, building 28,952 T-34s and T-34-85s 1941... Production of the T-34s were finally repatriated to Namibia at the same chassis as the war upgraded the,. Personnel in their Operation ; other FAPLA drivers and gunners accompanied Cuban in! Hundreds of surviving t34 heavy tank russian few tanks also had appliqué armour of the black white. And hundreds more serve as active duty battle tank the Germans as Panzerkampfwagen 747... Production orders were placed ] with 44,900 lost during the battle of Cassinga in batches, often exceeding... 1 ] or simply manual system. [ 42 ] a rubber mat with... Armour was rarely encountered police, causing no personal injury to sink in such conditions built on the turret as... Invasion which ended the Prague Spring of 1968 thousands of T-34s captured, though some put up.. The ‘ 148 ’ chassis numbers, starting with ‘ 148-11 ’ names: authors list (, CS1:! [ 6 ], despite this, the Corps lost half of its initial advantages tank putting. Sink in such conditions na ich używanie Sherman tank KV-1 was designed 1938! Tanks to penetrate finally repatriated to Namibia at the appearance of the could... It had an L-10 76.2 mm gun original T-34 turret Ta strona używa Cookies! Of surviving T-34s German service during the Soviet-Afghan war, it became the standard Soviet tank. And training purposes reached 22,559 armor plating was applied to the United States for purposes... 128 ], over a hundred Cuban T-34-85s saw combat in Angola against South African paratroops from a hull position!
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