Generator Hub is a project created at the end of the year 2014 in Chisinau, with the purpose of growth in the IT domain in Moldova, by creating an easy to access coworking space, where startups can obtain experience, advice and mentorship, thus creating a community that operates by constantly exchanging experience, ideas and knowledge. In addition, the residents of Generator Hub will also benefit from various development programs like events, seminars, workshops, business trainings and other. Generator Hub is located at the 4th floor in the 2nd building of Business Center “Kentford”, bd. Stefan cel Mare 202, having a total space of 300 m2, offers:

  • Coworking space for 60 people, unlimited internet access via Wi-Fi, printer, mini-kitchen etc
  • Events space can hold up to 120 people
  • A flexible subscription system that lets you choose how often do you want to work here
  • Lounge zone

It is restricted at Generator Hub to make presentations related or events related to politics, religion, human discrimination and human resources.

We are an ONG. We are not a startup organization, accelerator for business or commercial organization.

Our Team:

  • Vitalie Bordeniuc “DNT Associaton” Director

    Co-Founder Generator Hub. Passionate about technologies. Connected to the internet since 1995.

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  • Anton Perkin Founder “Association of IT Specialists from Moldova”

    Co-Founder Generator Hub, CEO FusionWorks, Founder DeveloperMD Community. Passionate developing the IT community, sports and cakes.

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  • Victor Sîtnic CEO “CTI Capital”

    Co-Founder Generator Hub.

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  • Sergiu Nagailîc Founder “Drupal Association in Moldova”

    Co-founder of Generator Hub, President of Drupal Association Moldova, CEO Bisonly. Developer that wants to contribute to making the world a better place.

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  • Serghei Demcenko "Generator Hub" Co Founder

    Engineer, programmer, creative director, co-founder RIT&RITLABS, co-founder Generator Hub. Likes good food and drinks, RC-Helicopters, Photography and Arts.

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  • Dona Școla “DNT Association” President

    Co-Founder Generator Hub, ex-vice minister MTIC, WorldBank consultant, member CEPA.

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  • Olga Batîr "Generator Hub" Administrator

    Passionate with organizing IT events and dreams to create a Silicon Valley in Moldova.

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