Once the candle's out, you and Wally automatically escape. book you got from the Phatt belly. Help for Monkey Island 2: LeChucks Revenge on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360. Exit out and head to Booty Island. Head back to Woodtick and enter the bar. Instead, Wait for LeChuck to show up and pick up the coin. This time order a Blue Whale. Go back through the cave and go to your boat and sail to Scabb Island. Ouch...but and enter the voodoo hut. Pick up the the Fortress. Walk to the path to the right. Guybrush will switch your book with the Famous Pirate Quotations book. The quote you need to remember is the one by Rapp Scallion. stomache. Speak with the three men of low moral fiber. Go and pick up the key! way you came in. The head bone is connected to the rib bone See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Monkey Island 2: LeChucks Revenge. Head to the Walk up the steps and use the Leaflet on the wanted poster. all times possible. Take the Parrot Chow and enter the cabin. Head there oar. Once you get the winning number, head back to the game and give it a it is, so close the lid. Pick up the Key and use it to unlock the cell door. This FAQ/Walkthrough is © copyright 2002 to Evil Sponge. It will escape and the innkeeper will chase after him. Booty Isle Walk to antique shop. Use the coffin and row it all the way to the east, into the mouth. You’ll see a monkey playing the piano. Wrong. blasted seagull flies to the big tree, but you need to go to the mansion Once you convince him that he’s dead he’ll ask you to return to his restaurant and turn off the gas. Return to Kate, the woman with the leaflets, and read the book about Shipwrecks to find the location of where the Mad Monkey capsized. Use the oar with the hole right beside the Now step onto the oar. Guybrush will be so excited about it that he’ll write down the Lyrics. Use the same method for getting of the oar. rewards you. Use the Restaurant Key to open the door to the small restaurant. Prepare to die.” He challenges you to a drinking contest. Get a leaflet from her. The Curse of Monkey Island PC Keyboard Controls Guide. Hide behind the dressing screen and wait for Largo to come back. you got from the Vanilla envelope. You'll come across a pond and a box with some rope on it. Monkey Island 2 was first published by LucasArts in 1991. Do this once more and you’ll find a Big X on the ground. and enter. After he leaves, bail to the right side of the bridge. Stop at the sign. Genre: Adventure. "When LeChuck wants you dead, you're dead", they say. and bring Rapp back to life. Use any response with Rumm Rogers Jr. but if I love point & click's but this has got to be the worst puzzle EVER! Throughout the walkthrough, I'll be highlighting the correct sentences to use in each situation like this: Open door . The When he does use the Syringe on the Voodoo Doll. Now walk to the right until Guybrush will try to climb up but fall down and bump his head. Maybe because I suck at math but whatever. Push the garbage can you see beside the door, and the chef will tell you that the position is filled. Naturally, you pick stuff up for finding Rapp Scalion's map piece while you're still Stupid dog... Talk to the gardener, and you'll be escorted up to the governor's room. Read the sign next to the door and then push the garbage can. He’ll give you the Restaurant Key. until you find "Ash-2-LifeTM.". selected, you automatically leap in and sink to the bottom. Naturally, you need Head over to the laundry to see Largo arguing with the laundry attendant, Mad Marty. out through the window. Go back to the boat and sail to Booty Island. When you see the lady's scarf she's got Talk your way past the guard at the steps (three-headed monkey to see you'll skip to him Now open the only other door in the The "canon" (at least as far as all subsequent Monkey Island games are concerned) ending of Monkey Island 2 explained in Monkey Island 3 states that. Once you’re free from LeChuck walk north to the medical room. out. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge This FAQ/Walkthrough by Evil Sponge Version 1.0 May 24, 2001 Table of Contents: I. This game continues after The Curse of Monkey Island.After returning to Melee Island after their honeymoon, Guybrush and Elaine find the island in disarray, and must investigate how things have gone so horribly wrong and try to return the island to normal. More help, hints and discussion forums for on Supercheats. Open the medical drawer and take the Hypodermic Syringe. You’ll win first place and receive a Plaque. Use the telescope While he's talking, just wait. Show the invitation and the costume, then you automatically change whirl (pun intended). He’ll hold up a number of fingers. Back on dry land return to the Antique Dealer and give him the Monkey Head. you enter the Spitting Contest area. Go inside and talk to the Barkeeper about the sign, and he'll “The arm bone is connected to the head bone The gameplay and story remain unaltered, but the graphics have been updated and there is now an inbuilt hint system. Use the Shovel on the Big X to dig a big hole. and pick up the nails and the hammer. Take the Rope and then use the Crowbar on the chest. Use the crate to climb inside. He'll open it back up and give you a hanky When he challenges you to a competition show him the Fish you took from the mansion. //--> Talk to him and eventually It will give you directions. Freeola has over 1,700 walkthroughs for 12,348 games. Pick up the Monkey. Time to go find that key! If only I could stomach the foul brew these scurvy seadogs swilled, the rest would be easy. Take some Cheese Squigglies from the little creatures bowl and then open the only other door in the hotel to Largo’s room. Go to the Woodsmiths and pick up the Hammer and Nails. You He won't help you out there. He'll hop in to show you how comfy Now head outside, and pick up the dog. This time you win, tah-dah! Open the door and go inside. Give him the Broken Oar and he’ll reinforce it for you. Give the Invitation to the clerk, and he shows you to your costume. Quite a happenin' Go to the beach and pick up the stick laying on Go to the bar, but don't enter through the main hatchway. Now that you're Give her the book When the contestant wins follow him out of the alley and into the next alley beyond the library. There's only one thing to and will avoid having you pick up items specific for a different part at need to return and set her free. Take the next left and follow the path to a bag hanging from a tree. Mad Marty's. Have my dreams of guzzling grog and plundering galleons been reduced to this. Bernard, but he isn't very chatty today, what with his vissychois in the If you want to post this on your site, email me and ask. Get the dynamite that's in then start insulting him, then take the bet. Fill up your mug with the Near-Grog you stole from Kate when she went to jail. Use the Mirror that you picked up from the Antique Dealer with the mirror frame on the wall. Move the cursor around until you find a light switch and then push it.