Moldcamp Code Sprint - opportunity to make Drupal a better platform

Moldcamp 2015 is the second ever Drupal Camp organized in The Republic of Moldova. Encouraged by a successful first edition, Drupal Moldova Association engaged in making a bigger, wider event in 2015.

Moldcamp 2015 aims to gather over 170 Drupal enthusiasts from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Denmark, and other European Drupal communities.

Moldcamp 2015 brings a small surprise, the Code Sprint.

This year, Moldcamp comes with an additional surprise - The Code Sprint. It will be organized on the 29th of May, inside the Chisinau’s creative space, Generator Hub, at 19:00. Go to Code Sprint to find out how to take part.

Code Sprints is where Drupal developers come together to work on improving Drupal, correcting core and module errors, and learn how to contribute the community, under the guidance of experienced team-leaders. The Moldcamp Code Sprint will give you the opportunity to make Drupal a better platform, contribute to the development of the community, improve your profile, engage in teamwork, make friends, and have fun.

More details about MoldCamp

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