National consultant to support Moldova Social Innovation Hub (MiLab) in organising the EduSoft Hackathon

UNDP Moldova, through MiLab - joint project with the E – Government Center, has supported national counterparts in embarking on several innovative projects that seek to apply new approaches to engage with citizens and enable people to contribute stronger to the country’s development. Some previous examples include: gaming for youth employment; applying behavioral insights for TB treatment; Modern School Open Challenge, etc.

MiLab acts as a multilateral platform serving to engage actors from different sectors (public, private, non-profit, etc.) to seek and experiment with innovative approaches to the society’s problems. Its work is structured around three interlinked components, i.e. public services redesign, applying people’s solutions, and mainstreaming social innovations. The public participation component includes creating the channels or outlets for engagement, setting the rules, specifying the issues that would engage people to participate in solving them. Also screening the horizon, and subsequently connecting social innovation initiatives with government and private sector counterparts that could enable the implementation of those initiatives.

Under this component falls the EduSoft hackathon initiative, which aims to involve university students in developing applications for a more effective and motivating study of mathematics in school.
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