Rockstart choose Moldavian start-ups

Generator Hub with Rockstart Answer Chisinau are organizing an event for local start-ups on 24th of July holded at 202 Stefan cel Mare blvd, building 2, floor 4 at 8.00-10.30 a.m. . The event will be conducted in English.

Rockstart Answers Chisinau is the many-to-one feedback event that helps startups in answering their toughest question by tapping into the collective knowledge of experienced entrepreneurs. The event is organized for the first time in Moldova and it aims helping local startups to move forward in a fun, hands-on way.

They attract experts from a wide range of profiles; startup founders, entrepreneurs and investors.

The advantages of the event are:

  1. Get hands-on advice from peers who understand your challenges

  2. Explore potential collaborations with new partners

  3. Stage time: validate your product with a relevant audience.

Moldova has been selected one of the 20's European countries where Rockstart plan to arrive, including Kiyv, Brussels, Vilnius, Berlin, Oslo, Bratislava, Bucharest, Ljubljana, Paris, Barcelona and others.

We’ve got limited seating so unfortunately we can’t accept everyone into the event.

If you are or know of a startup who would like to pitch in Chisinau signup here

Applications will be open until the 15th of July.

For those of you who want to join the event as an attendee and get some new ideas but also share your entrepreneurial knowledge you can sign up for a ticket here.

Rockstart Answer Chisinau it is involved in pitching that means a group of entrepreneurs presenting or describing their ideas to prospective investors.

How can you creating an ideal pitch?

The optimum way to create an effective pitch is to start with a thorough business plan. Once this is written, the key elements of the executive summary can be distilled into a pitch. One major benefit of this method is that while the process of creating a business plan can be difficult, it is also rigorous and usually an exhaustive process. Hence it serves to equip the author with the answers to typical questions they should expect from prospective investors. Creating a pitch without the discipline of following the business plan process in fraught with danger. While the presenter can describe the product or service in detail, those that pitch without a business plan tend to fall down when asked to describe the market opportunity or their sales forecasts in more detail.( source:

More information: contact (Olga Batîr) - Project Manager Generator

Facebook: and

We look forward to meeting you all!

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